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Keyboard shortcuts

These are quick ways to use a tool without licking through the menu system.  
Many of us are used to pressing cntl and C to copy text and cntl-V to paste it.  These are similar but for editing programs.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LEARN ALL THE SHORTCUTS - just pick a few that relate to the work you most often do.  Start a (much simplified) document that just has the ones you may use.

The easiest way to do this is to look at the menu item itself - if there is a shortcut it will be displayed on there.

Knowledge Image 1

This is from a Mac desktop where that squiggle represents the "command" key, usually the CNTL key in Windows. The menu will show the correct command for your operating system.

Do not be frightened by the total (vast) list - only use the few useful to you.

If you have a different editor let Paul know and he will update this list.

Knowledge Image 2
Knowledge Image 3
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