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Kingswood Salver preperation

Various categories we are using for the Kingswood Salver entry.  At this stage we are collecting your images and they will be displayed in the six categories below.  Please email or them to Paul as soon as possible.

Note; Images taken can also be used for internal and formal PCC competitions - and you may take many photographs including different angles in one or all categories. 

Each should be titled Title - Your name.  e.g. Lesser spotted Dodo - Paul.jpg

Tin Mines

Champion; Raymond

Photographing tin mines in Cornwall can be a fascinating experience, as these historic sites offer a glimpse into the region's industrial past.

Tall ships ideally in sail

Champion; Karen

Tall Ships; to try and capture the grandeur and elegance of the tall ships as they sail around Falmouth harbour

Birds in flight but landing

Champion; Samantha

The Beauty of Flight itself, capturing the grace, power, and agility of the birds as they soar through the air.

Gaff Riggers

Champion; Jeanette

Gaff riggers; the traditional style of sailing, showcasing the unique design and beauty of gaff riggers

Emergency services in action

Champion; Claire D

Responding to Emergencies, show casing the actions and efforts of emergency personnel as they work to help those in need.

Reservoir dogs

Champion; Derek

Capture different breeds of dogs in a studio set-up at Argal

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