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Wendy Bate

Wendy Bate

I joined Penryn Camera Club in 2009, with my Husband Brian, having been encouraged by my brother in law, Raymond,  who has been a Member for many years.

I have always enjoyed using a camera from a very early age, being allowed on odd occasions, to use my Grandmothers’  Box Brownie, to take family photos.

I was given my first camera, ( Kodak 127), for my 11th Birthday and over the years I have had various cameras, progressing from  Point and shoots to DSLR, and finally a Full Frame, Canon, 6D, with various L lenses. The fact being, as I learned more about photography at the club, it enabled me to use more professional type cameras.
I have loved being a Member of Penryn Camera Club, from the very first meeting on joining. I have learnt so much about photography over the years, listening to Judges remarks and, talks given by proficient  Photographers, as well as help from fellow members of the club. There is always something to learn in Photography. 

Penryn Camera Club is a very active club with very friendly Members, who make club evenings very enjoyable. 

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