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Penryn Club AGM 2019

With the end of our formal club year coming soon it was time for our AGM last week. We are no different from other clubs in that respect (though I am sure we are different in many other respects, including being the friendliest club around!). Many people might think that this is a boring annual affair - but this is definitely not the case at our club! Yes, of course we look back at the past year as we discuss the achievements that both club and members have made. But we also see what worked well, what surprised us and where, if at all, we might want to make changes. Then it is all about looking forward – to see what our plans are for next year (which will begin in early September). Members had an opportunity to ask for new activities and events and to select their Committee members. Ron Pitcher, who has lead the club so admirably as Chairman, will lead the club again, with Keith Russ stepping up as Vice Chairman. Plans were also made for our summer outside events. All in all the AGM was another lively and enjoyable evening.



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