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Friday 13th January 2023

Well, the winter bugs have been rampaging through the Penryn Camera Club. So few members are well that we cancelled last week’s meeting and this week had about 50% attendance. Hopefully, those suffering feel better soon.

We started with the usual chaos of entering another formal competition. This one has five possible categories including two with the subject “Decisive Moment”. That has had members scratching their heads for a few weeks.

Following that Derek Godridge lead us through a critique of the WCPF travelling roadshow. Currently, over 100 clubs are in the Federation across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset and South Gloucester. They have an annual competition and the roadshow features a selection of prints from that event. Of course, our critiques and the judges did not always align but it was an interesting evening, with some cracking photography to enjoy.

Next week we can “enjoy” (most members hate it!) critiquing our colleagues’ images - up to three per member. This is a valuable skill as it helps us to know how to critique our own image before entering a competition.

You are welcome to join us (Thursdays, 19:30, The Penryn Athletic Football Club). We have an exceptional social club, enjoying repartee, laughter and the occasional photograph.



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