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Friday 13th November

Competition; Party / Fancy Dress

Frequently we shoot this genre inside which overflows with frustrating obstacles that outdoor photography doesn’t have. Telephoto’s don’t work well (wide-angle lens do). Lighting can be a nightmare (although shooting at mid-day (the opposite of outdoor shots) can reap rewards).

You’re often trying for candid shots so other folk get in the way, you cannot easily direct the model or control the background.

Many cameras have a burst mode feature (press the shutter once, take several pictures). ‘Pure’ photographers consider this cheating but in difficult circumstances, you work with what you have. So start with f4 or less, crank up the ISO a tad, 800-1000 or more. Look where the light is and take and check a couple of test shots. You are shooting in RAW right? As post-processing will bring the best from your image.

Enjoy the party. Look for the quirky, avoid five-foot photography (take low and high shots) and enjoy the flow rather than check each image is spot on.

How did we do? Many entries ensured a close-fought competition. to see.

This week joint winners were Hen Party by Victor and Thibault and Annabelle by Maly. Next week’s category is fully open, no set subject, no editing restrictions. Join us to join in (

Hen Party by Victor
Hen Party by Victor
Thibault and Annabelle by Maly
Thibault and Annabelle by Maly


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