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Friday 16th September 2022

A packed Penryn Camera Club buzzed with activity as members skittered about logging their entries into six competition categories. Mandy, our competition secretary, was as organised as usual and herded us cats mercilessly. Last week’s briefing on image sizes and titling helped our newer members. Old hands (very old hands - you know who you are!) were quick to offer help.

Our competitions tend to cover three genres; digital images, prints and out-of-camera (no editing). Colour or B&W, mobile phones, iPads, full-frame DSLRs, developing your films, editing or not - all covered.

We then enjoyed the results of national competition entries, managed by Karen and Maru’s lightening fast finger.

Next week we have a practical session unlocking deeper camera mysteries and photo opportunities; The Penryn Autumn fair and Mock Mayor; Saturday 24th, and (weather permitting) The Jennings run - 1,000+ motorbikes and trikes ending Sunday 25th, 16:00, Falmouth Market Street. Our next social event is a cream tea (now there’s a surprise!) on 1st October.

You are welcome to join us (Thursdays, 19:30, The Penryn Athletic Football Club). We have an exceptional social club, enjoying banter, laughter and the occasional photograph. You can contact us by email at until we fix our hijacked website. Meanwhile, our Facebook page is active;


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