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Friday 17th Feb 2023

Laughter rolled around the Penryn Camera club throughout the evening as we enjoyed our “Lucky Dip” fun competition. A few weeks back members drew a category from a lucky (or unlucky!) dip bag. Tonight the evening started with a marking session. Each image was displayed and members secretly marked from 1 to 5 depending on meeting the brief, technical excellence and, a little, personal choice.

While our competition secretary Mandy Hanson huddled in a corner totting up the results we rolled through the images with each victim member being selected in turn to critique a wide variety of images. As the photographer became known those with thicker skins (most of us by now) received some ‘advanced heckling'. All in good sport, and another great evening. The results are;

Whered ee go - Mike Halsey - 1st Place

The Old Bridge Stourhead - Carolin Coward - Joint 2nd Place

Zoom-122 - Karen Burton - Joint 2nd Place

Woodland Glade -Liz Richardson - 3rd Place

I'm lost - Paul Cooper - 4th Place - Highly Commended

Chocolate flowed to all the above, tea, homemade cake, and chatter flowed for everyone.

Next week Jeanette is going to entertain us with images and stories from her recent trip to Cuba.

You are welcome to join us (Thursdays, 19:30, The Penryn Athletic Football Club). You can contact us via our website

Whered ee go - Mike Halsey - 1st Place
Whered ee go - Mike Halsey - 1st Place


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