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Friday 20th January 2023

The Penryn Camera Club had an interesting and interactive meeting last night where we critiqued one another’s images. Members got into the swing of the evening easily and constructive suggestions regarding improvement options flew around the room. As always there was some banter and our more professional members were gracious sports in submitting images with flaws suitable for critique.

Many improvement suggestions included some camera settings that help eliminate exposure and alignment issues at the time of taking the picture. Far better to get it right “in camera” than trying to edit out errors later. Much to learn and a fun and safe environment to express our thoughts.

Icy roads prevented Wendy from attending but she would be proud of the number of times crop, crop, crop came up! We will be able to apply all this to next week’s second ‘lucky dip’ hand-in so all our images will be fault free!

Join our super active and friendly club via our website. On the top menu, you'll find the Contact Us form. Our amiable members have photographic backgrounds of all kinds and cover a wide range of ages - you'll fit right in.


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