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Friday 24th Feb 2023

As we submitted our entries for the Ken Farnell 3, the year's penultimate competition, the usual loosely guided chaos flared. Committee members put out the bushfires and regained order. Kevin Leah will deliver the results in mid-March.

Then Jeanette Ruberry, whose love for travel and photography takes her to exotic destinations, took us on a journey the length and breadth of Cuba. Jeanette has a keen eye capturing the beauty in every corner of the world and her camera is her constant companion, seizing every moment of her travels.

Not only did we have out-of-camera images to admire, but we benefited from Jeanette’s dry humour and ability to breathe life into her exciting adventure.

By the time you read this, we will be approaching our photographic battle with the St Ives Camera Club. Each club has 15 prints and 15 digital images and Margaret Hocking will award points so one club will leave with bragging rights, hopefully us!

Have you been following (and enjoying) our competitions on our website You are welcome to come for a few free taster sessions (Thursdays, 19:30, The Penryn Athletic Football Club) to see if you would like to join us.

Jeanettes talk on Cuba.
Jeanettes talk on Cuba.


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