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Friday 2nd April 2021

Several members commented that this week’s photo manipulation was one of the best meetings for a long time. Our Chairman Victor Tullin selected two images (top left) for members to crop and edit without restrictions. This was part of the Penryn Camera Club ongoing activity to increase members critique skills. You can see all the images either on or on our website

Different members saw different crop and edit opportunities and everyone enjoyed seeing the different techniques employed. There will be spin-off activities as a result (eg how to insert a different sky, how to remove a building etc.) and we plan to repeat the evening further down the calendar.

Steam Train

Irish Parliament

Next week the subject is Construction / Road works (if we can find any in Cornwall!). This will be an out-of-camera competition so crop and rotate only.

If you want to join us, virtually while C-19 remains (we are very friendly and have members of all photographic abilities so you are sure to fit in) look for the Contact Us form on the top menu bar. Don’t like links? Google; Penryn Camera Club to find our website.


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