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Friday 5th Feb 2021

The Penryn Camera Club. I started the evening by taking those present around the club website Hopefully, I was quite gentle for those members unconfident on the web, and I hope members learned it’s OK to hit a few buttons or images and see what happens. If anyone has any improvement suggestions (e.g. from other camera clubs) please tell me (via the ‘contact us’ form).

The second half of the evening was a run-through of 18 lockdown images of the National Trust and 1 of a back garden :-). Our chairman Victor selected victims members to critique the images as they rolled across the screen. Although I HATE giving critiques, I found the critique section fascinating as folk see things I don’t. They also like things I don’t which gives me a new way of looking at images when I hear why they think the way they do. All nineteen images are here for you to enjoy.

The winning image this week was Colton Fishacre by Julia Bate. Filled with much banter and laughter it was an entertaining evening.

Next week’s set subject is; Sport scene - what would you enter?

 Winner - Coleton Fishacre - Julia


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