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Friday 7th April 2023

“Take an armchair with you when you decide to take pictures in the woods. Doesn’t everybody do that?” Well, no, and that’s why most of us cannot touch Helen Davis in photography. Jacobian, Gothic, Steampunk, Overlaid, Underlaid, Weddings, Male glamour shots (is that even a thing?) Nude grannies on the beach - an awe-inspiring collection that Helen chatted through with gay abandon.

“Well this worked, but look at that load of rubbish” - we had polished award-winning masterpieces and almost good ideas but ….. Helen included images of mistakes, images to show how the to create the final photo and a plethora of exotically dressed models in fair weather and foul. Time contracted - always the sign of a superb bubbly infectious speaker - and all too soon “Well that is the final image”.

What a talk, we hope Helen can return next year and do it all again.

Next week, as we approach the end of this season, we look forward to seeing our 81 entries into the Penryn Camera Club Image of the Year. The unlucky judge weeding out the winners is Rob Eschle. Although not formally meeting through the summer, we have things planned and pictures to take for 2023/24. See our future events (so far) here;

Helen's talk by Karen
Helen's talk by Karen


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