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Friday 9th April 2021

Several members were still buzzing from last weeks editing competition so we started this week with an impromptu Q&A session on cropping, cloning and replacement sky. Clearly we have an appetite for this within the club, so the committee will look into expanding the capabilities of our web to hold “how-to” guides.

We launched into a critique of this weeks competition “construction/roadworks”. As usual with this club, although everyone met the brief, some far left-field entries appeared as you can see on either or on our website Victor romped home with 1st, Karen and Eve joint 2nd and Wendy was 3rd.

Derek offered the members some tripods and camera cases for a donation to the Alzheimer's Society. The evening ended with some banter and lots of laughter - something Penryn Camera Club is famous for!

Next week the subject is open - anything goes, which I for one am looking forward to seeing. If you want to join us, virtually while C-19 remains (we are friendly and have members of all photographic abilities, so you are sure to fit in) look for the Contact Us form on our website.

 1st Beach front foundation - Victor
1st Beach front foundation - Victor
= 2nd Druid construction - Eve
=2nd Druid construction - Eve
= 2nd Sparks are flying! - Karen
= 2nd Sparks are flying! - Karen
 3rd The Tyson Men - Wendy
3rd The Tyson Men - Wendy


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