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Newsletter #55 3/4/2021

Hi Members

PCC News of the Week:

A bit late this week as I’ve been really busy photographing houses as the property market is going bonkers at the moment!

Wendy Bate Meetings

1) The zoom meeting was a follow up to the two images each member was asked to put their versions on how they would improve the two images. Tonight's zoom meeting run by the Chairman, where they informed everyone as they talked through, how they had achieved their finished image.

The first part was The Train image, and there were various reconstructions of this image, some even tried their hand for the first time, by dropping in a sky, which was done by one of our new members, (Karen), which was a good attempt.

The second part was The Stormont building, and again many various attempts of reconstruction. Carol, using her famous oil filter in the both subjects!!!!!! Once everyone had given their versions, Victor showed them how he had worked on them and explained how it was achieved.

A lot of members were seen writing notes for their future reference and at the end of the evening, everyone said how much they had enjoyed it and had learnt a lot and would like another such evening in the near future.

Example images below: (Thanks Paul)

Train manipulation

Irish Parliament buildings

2) Next week’s Zoom, is the results of the Lockdown competition Construction/ Roadworks

Competition News

1) As stated the next Lockdown subject on the 8th April the subject is "Construction/Roadworks” and need to be sent to the Chairman by midday 7th April.

2) The week after on the 15th the subject is “Open” so entries can be manipulated and need to be sent in by midday 14th April latest.

3) As a reminder, you should have sent your images to Mandy by now for the Image of the Year – Colour, Black and White and Off-Camera (no manipulation) with the final Hand-In date 8th April. Again they must have been shown and judged to be eligible, so any of your KF images and also any of your Lockdown series images can be entered.

See you next week Cheers Derek & Wendy


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