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Newsletter #100 18th February 2022

Centenary edition

A BIG Welcome to our Centenary Edition – who knew it would last that long !

After last night’s dual excitement of firstly Mandy’s Lucky Dip and then the roaring gale through the night and today, perhaps it’s good to just relax and contemplate what to enter in KF3 !! ( Hand-In Next week)


  1. After a couple of “Technical” issues with the kit were resolved, Mandy’s “Lucky Dip II” competition was a great success with our Programme Secretary Karen coming out on top so well done to her and everyone else for entering into the spirit of the evening.

  2. Next week Thursday 24th February it’s me I’m afraid with a bit of a “Show and Tell” to lighten the mood, but don’t forget the KF3 Hand-In.


  1. The KF3 competition is on 17th March The Hand-In is NEXT Thursday 24th February and it is an OPEN competition details as follows.

    1. 1 Colour Print

    2. 1 Mono print

    3. 1 Colour Digital Image

    4. 1 Mono Digital Image

    5. 1 Off-Camera Image – no editing

The judge is our friend and ex-member Mark Walker.

Mandy reminded us last night that it would save her an enormous amount of work if we can

a) Title our files like so “Title-123-PenrynCC” using YOUR title and club number of course. b) Also create a NEW folder “KF3” and within that create 5 more folders labelled as above “Colour Print”, “Mono Print” etc and put the appropriate image in that folder.

Diary Dates


  • Saturday 26th February at 11am – 1 hour guided tour of Truro Cathedral for £5 ahead contact Karen to book or use our Facebook page. Additionally we have arranged for the adjacent Charlotte’s Tea House restaurant to reserve places for lunches and a £5 booking fee is required. Additional areas of the cathedral can be accessed for a small fee. Email Karen to confirm attendance please at her usual email.

  • Sunday March 6th - Spring meal at The Falmouth Hotel – a minor change to the menu as there will be chicken in place of Turkey,

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • The next CPA competition is the Charles Hosken - Digital Open Competition on Friday 18th March. The show will be a Zoom event and the club is hoping to make it a club event at our clubhouse - cost £TBC.

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

Member’s Exhibition 2022

  • This is a VERY prestigious competition and exhibition which showcases the talent we have in the West Country with prints and digital images shown at the Bovey Tracey Golf Club from 1st to 16th May.

  • Entry details are here: - till 5th March !

  • If you enter prints I can deliver them to Brian Galbraith on 4th March.

An Interesting Perspective from Maru

Colour palettes

During my time in the club, I have learned many things, from the basics of getting to know my camera and keeping all my gear clean to practising depth of field and understanding light. I have realised that taking a good picture is not always a matter of being in the right place at the right time (as rarely that happens) or taking only random opportunities during holidays or daily walks. Instead, by considering different aspects before shooting I can make a huge difference in a simple holiday image. Thinking about the composition of an image is key, but it won’t be nice if I am out during lunch time because midday light is not offering the best results. Drawing focus to my subject by paying attention to leading lines can result in a wonderful image, even if it is in the middle of the crowd.

There is another aspect that I came across recently: colour composition. Colour in an image can attract attention, change the mood of the picture and influence your viewer. We all know how effective a well taken sunset or a colourful bouquet can be. So, one thing that we might consider is to plan ahead our colours. Yeah I know, sounds a bit crazy right? You might be thinking that you cannot change the colour of a car or of a house. So, what does it mean? Well, one thing that we can do is to think about colour palettes. Considering a palette can help us to improve our image considerably. I came across a blog written by Grace Fussell and published in ShutterStock some weeks ago. She is a graphical designer based in Manchester and has published 10 colour palettes for free for Valentine’s day. I safely say that they are inspiring. Look at the example below. She gave us a palette called “Picnic Date” using a combination of orange and red, which added warmth to the pink and green.

palette called “Picnic Date”

Now, how to apply this palette to our pictures? Well, having a palette can inspire you to create a composition, or use these colours to edit a dull picture. I considered this palette to install a couple of setups at home and these are the results:

how to apply this palette to our pictures?

I felt so inspired by her that I wanted to share this with you. I think that this year I will be hunting for colours around me, and now that spring has arrived earlier, I cannot wait. What do you think? Are you ready for a “hunting” of colours out there?

For copyright reasons, I cannot paste here the wonderful examples that she offers in her blog, so please visit Grace Fussell blog by following this link

Best wishes Derek and Maru



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