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Newsletter #108 Friday 15th April 2022

Editor - Derek Godridge

Brian Galbraith judged our Prints and Images of the Year last night with some excellent images being shown. He told us it was his last ever judging and so we were really privileged to have such a knowledgeable judge and photographer last night. Brian handed out some useful tips along with his observations and gave us many suggestions and thoughts to ponder as to how we might improve our images. Thank You Brian for a great end to our competitive programme.

All the winning images will be on our Facebook page, but the headlines are as follows:

  • Colour Print of the year – Liz Richardson

  • Mono Print of the year – Karen Burton

  • Digital Colour of the year – Jeanette Rubbery

  • Digital B & W of the year – Chris Hamshaw

  • Off Camera of the year – Victor Tullin

Image of the Year 2022

Meetings –

  • 7.30pm Thursday 21st April – PCC Annual General Meeting – As we know this is our mandatory annual meeting so please make an extra effort to attend and don’t forget it is your chance to have a say in the club’s past performance and future direction.

  • There will be a review of the year by Committee members who will then stand down for the new committee to be voted in. Invitations to apply for the Committee posts are welcome so find a proposer and seconder and let Maru know before the meeting if possible. In addition to committee posts, we are always looking for members to“shadow” current Committee Members if you are looking to help or maybe eventually step up !

  • The club operates in accordance with our Constitution which can be found on the club website here:

  • 7.30pm Thursday 28th April – Mandy’s Fun Quiz. Just enjoy the evening with a laugh as it is our FINAL club meeting of the year.

  • Coming Soon – Summer Programme – watch this space !

Competitions Next Season

Diary Dates


  • Thursday 21st April - Annual General Meeting.

  • SUNDAY 15th May from 1pm – Banger Racing at United Downs. Tickets are probably going to be £14.00 as a group rate which should be £18.00. Why not join other PCC Members and support this iconic venue. Please advise Karen if you are going.

  • Penryn Jubilee Celebrations – Monday 30th May to Saturday 4th June. The club has agreed to record the various events through the week and so members have the opportunity to join in and support the Penryn Jubilee Committee. As we await the final details, I will be sending out a more detailed programme shortly and would like Two PCC photographers to sign up for each event if possible in order to provide some great shots for Penryn Town Council. This is a super opportunity for us to get involved and we will be given priority at each event – however you WILL need to wear your PCC badge to validate your attendance and give everyone peace of mind.

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • Friday 20th May 2022 at 7pm - The CPA Annual Competition is being held at: St John’s Methodist Church, Bodmin Road, St Austell, PL25 5AE NB for PCC selection Team - HAND IN BY SATURDAY 16TH APRIL 2022 Rules and spreadsheet on the CPA website.

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

This will be in the main Church which has 2 floors of seating.

There is a kitchen for tea and coffee and lots of room to display the prints. We will have the use of the screen, projector and sound system.

There is a car park next door to the church and also disabled parking and access.

There will be 11 clubs competing as 2 clubs feel they are unable to join in this year.

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) Member’s Exhibition 2022

  • This is a VERY prestigious competition and exhibition which showcases the talent we have in the West Country with prints and digital images shown at the Bovey Tracey Golf Club from 1st to 16th May.

  • We are thinking this might be an opportunity to organize a car-share for one of the days of the Exhibition, so please give it some thought. More later! As Jan and I are on hols for a couple of weeks Paul will be taking the helm – Thanks Paul !

Best wishes Derek



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