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Newsletter #109 29th April 2022

Interim editor - Paul Cooper

Mandy’s fun general knowledge competition. Fun! Some folk have a strange idea of fun (although there was loads of laughter). 35 mind-bending questions and the bar was closed! The median of correct answers seemed to be around 50% - I’m not publishing my result, suffice to say I did not win a prize. Thanks, Mandy, for the usual high-standard background organisation.


Were you able to visit the Open Gardens at Pedn Billy on Sunday? I finally decided to take a chance on the weather but by then their car park was full and every single verge parking space back past “The Tower House” (1/2m) was taken! Took me 15 minutes to extract myself from deepest Helford along the single track road.

If you were luckier post some images on our private FB page - show me what I missed!


Congratulations to Ash who has now successfully completed her Duke of Edinborough “stint” in photography. A confident young lady with a sharp eye and fair critiques. Hopefully, we will be seeing more of her throughout the summer and into next season. Also, it was nice to see Jan nearly back on his feet after his dispute with gravity.


Saharan snad over Cornwall

Unashamedly stolen from Kernow Weather Team. These are a group of weather enthusiasts on FB who’s forecasts can be very informative and often very funny.

“The latest weather models are showing we have some Saharan dust over us for the next few days, this will give us some amazing sunsets.” Cameras ready guys …


Are you using our video guides section?

Video guides

This is a hopefully helpful index to several videos on a variety of topics. For example, under the Videos menu, there is a link to “Learn Photoshop in 30 days”. What’s that about? - bet you cannot guess!

If you want videos added here just send me (Paul) a link to them.

Did you know; Every past Newsletter is available on our website. On the top menu select “Blog” then on the sub-menu select “Newsletter”. Or; just scroll down. Simples!


  • The next weekly meeting will be Thursday 1st September in the Penryn Football club - how will you remember to turn up?

If you save this link in your browser favourites you will quickly see any program updates including next year’s program when it has been battered into shape;


2022/23 competitions

As the competition season has ended this is the ideal time to set yourself up for next season (2022/23) competitions.

Good news; You only need to do this once then you can simply cut-and-paste the structure year on year.

This is the empty structure I copied at the start of last year. You can modify this when Mandy issues this year’s categories BUT it provides a handy place to hold images for future competitions.

As you take images that you think are competition worthy re-size and save them in the category you think they will do well in. Fill the folders as the images come in - i.e. you may have several print images so save yourself money by printing the year’s print entries in one batch. DS Colour Labs is particularly cheap for A3 and A4 batch printing.

A final benefit; When a competition comes along to can simply transfer the whole folder ( e.g. 2 Ken Maynard and its sub-folders) to your memory stick and it is auto-magically exactly the format most helpful to Mandy.

Note the bottom folder - 2023/24 copy. This is a copy of this year’s structure, ready for next year. The word copy is to remind me to copy the structure before I start to fill it. My memory is now full and for every new thing that goes in something old has to fall out!

Diary Dates


  • SUNDAY 15th May from 1 pm – Banger Racing at United Downs. Remember judges like images that are unusual and there are bound to be characters and crashes that are competition candidates. Please advise Karen if you are going.

Click this link to see the entrance. You may have to click the world icon (bottom right) and scroll out a bit as well.

Camera settings? This will be weather dependent but I’m planning to leave home with; S mode and set the speed to 1/750th, I may crank it up faster (1/1000?) on the day. 1/250th might work for tracking shots. ISO 400-800 should be good, less if sunny. Shooting mode; Continuous. Metering; Centre-weighted. White balance; Auto or sunny/cloudy depending on the day. A longer lens (200mm+) will beat a shorter lens (70mm-) BUT there will be dust. Focusing through the safety fence will be a NIGHTMARE for most cameras - try and avoid it! Cars coming out of a corner towards you will give the best results.

Banger Racing at United Downs

  • Penryn Jubilee Celebrations – Monday 30th May to Saturday 4th June. The club has agreed to record the various events throughout the week so members have the opportunity to join in and support the Penryn Jubilee Committee. Derek has a few members agreeing to cover events to help PCC support this celebration but he could definitely do with a few more, so if you fancy joining in just email Derek. You can see what’s on below;


Penryn Jubilee Celebrations

Use the arrow keys on either side of the date to move forward or back in time. No flux capacitor is needed.

If the month is “full” click “show more” to, umm, show more events.

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • Friday 20th May 2022 at 7 pm - The CPA Annual Competition is being held at St John’s Methodist Church, Bodmin Road, St Austell, PL25 5AE. We have 30 chances to come 1st, but I am sure it will be an interesting evening for whoever receives places. There will be 11 from 13 clubs competing this year.

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) Member’s Exhibition 2022

  • This is a VERY prestigious competition and exhibition which showcases the talent we have in the West Country with prints and digital images shown at the Bovey Tracey Golf Club from 1st to 16th May.

  • We think this might be an opportunity to organise a car-share for one of the days of the Exhibition, so please give it some thought. It’s about 150miles/2 hours each way. More later!

Well, I enjoyed editing, but I’ll hand the newsletter back to Derek now and he will soon knock it back into shape. Hope to see you at some of the summer events Karen is planning.

Best wishes Paul


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