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Newsletter #43 8/1/2021

Hi Everyone

Well in the middle of this new lockdown, I do hope you are all handling it OK? It is a worrying thing for many but I have found the best way to handle all this is DON’T WATCH THE NEWS ! Now, yes I have to find out what’s happening from the headlines but I don’t watch it ad infinitum as I know how badly it affects my wellbeing. (Just my take on it.)

PCC News of the Week:

Let’s hope that today’s Falmouth Arts Society - Charlie Waite lecture - was successful. Unfortunately, like many small business owners I have been pretty slack at getting my accounts together up till now and, as the deadline approaches, have been somewhat pre- occupied for a couple of days ploughing through a basket full of receipts etc!


As you will know from Victor’s email to everyone, we have had to unfortunately suspend our in-person meetings and will be reverting to Zoom meetings shortly. Watch out for the relevant email soon! Hey wouldn’t it be great if we could get a “full house” of members on the next Zoom meeting !! Come on folks just forget all this Covid cr4p that’s around and joinus in a bit of Photo Fun !!

In that vein I have just spoken with Chris (who was going to run her “Guess” evening at The Space) and we’ve decided to run it as a Zoom evening instead. So can you ALL PLEASE ASAP send me in a couple of close up shots of objects that are obscure enough to make a good “Guessing” game! A good example is ( even if you don’t have a close up) look at your photos and see if you can CROP them to produce a tricky close-up.

Spitfire flying


Paul Cooper (our IT Techie !) continues to add new features to our website and those sharp eyed visiting members may well have noticed a new rolling “Copyright warning....” message which opens up on entering the site. Thanks Paul !!

Don’t forget you can add your own portfolio anytime along with a short “bio” if you wish. Paul will ensure the images are sized appropriately thus meaning that anyone trying to copy them will have useless images to work with ! Competition News

a) The Ken Farnell KF1 images should all have been handed in by now so, again hopefully yours have been submitted. The results will be shown on Thursday 21st Jan via our Zoom link.

b) Work for the Charles Hosken competition has begun to be handed in or forwarded to me and I am collating member’s entries by using a special “Dropbox” folder. Once loaded into the folder it automatically uploads it to a shared folder on Lorraine Robbins’ PC!!m Pretty clever stuff. Part of the system is to tabulate all entries on a spreadsheet which I have also done, but if anyone wishes to send their entries to me I’m only too happy to load them – Hand In anytime before 14th January 2021 to me at my usual email.

Rules enclosed in Newsletter #42

A Rambling As I was on my way to photograph a property in Goldsithney on Wednesday for Martin & Co, I had a little time to spare and so remembering my favorite place of all time was close by, I thought I would partake of a little tourism! After nearly 50 years of living in Cornwall I STILL can’t get over the beauty of this place St Michael’s Mount – amazing!!

St Michaels mount

That’s all for this week folks, but comments and contributions are ALWAYS welcome! Cheers for now Derek



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