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Newsletter #44 15/1/2021

Hi Everyone Firstly a big Happy Birthday to any of our members out there who may have a Birthday today (Hint Hint Jan!). Ok so now I have my Brownie Points, it was so glad yesterday to see Victor and Bernie more or less recovered from the dreaded C19 ! It’s real folks, so as Victor (and Keith in the first wave) said, it is no picnic if you get it, so take care and stay safe!

PCC News of the Week: Once again a big Thanks to Falmouth Arts Society for giving us the link to the Charlie Waite lecture and feedback from the Zoom show was really positive. Not much else to report really apart from the relief of Victor’s recovery as above.

Meetings Well, this week’s “Guess” competition turned out really well with a great mix of images from members along with super participation from all attendees. It was a really FUN evening and one I’m sure we will repeat again. Maybe we will need to make the images more challenging next time to lessen the chances of certain members (nudge, nudge) winning !

Anyway, well done Victor with Carol coming in as runner-up, but the most important thing was that for an hour or so we forgot about all the more negative things happening in the world.

Next week, we have the first of our truncated Ken Farnell competition series - KF1 which is being judged online by Wendy Allard.

Now it would be really great if we could get as many members as possible to join the Zoom meeting as it would really help to show Wendy how much we appreciate her efforts to continue judging our competitions. So COME ON PCC members and LOG IN next week PLEASE. It really isn’t difficult, it is completely safe and if you want to view but not be seen just cover your camera up with a piece of paper or masking tape !!

Competition News

  1. a) Work for the Charles Hosken competition has now been tabulated and uploaded but I am still happy to enter more members efforts up till Sunday night. So if you havn’t yet done so now is the time ! .

  2. b) Don’t forget we have KF 2 coming up with Feb 4th hand-in and Mandy will be sending out your forms so you can track your entries.

That’s all from me folks ! Cheers Derek

ZOOM MEETINGS Hi members Paul Cooper here - How to join the Covid lockdown Zoom meetings:

You probably don’t know, but we now have the current Zoom meeting links embedded within the “program” section of the website!!

So .......About 5 minutes before the meeting is due to start:

Open the camera club website and choose “Programme”

Click on the meeting header (Hint; Click again (ON THE HEADER) to close it if you have selected the wrong meeting.)

Click on the link provided (highlighted blue, see the arrow above) to start the Zoom meeting. That’s it. Simples!

Your laptop or iPad or desktop (or phone) has a built in camera and loudspeaker - watch the options as they come up and select YES to Video and Audio.

Next week there will be a live judge (Wendy) discussing our KF1 images, it would be nice to have 100% membership attendance to support Wendy's time and effort.

Best, Paul


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