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Newsletter #46 29/1/2021

Hi Everyone

Firstly a big welcome to our new members Eve Govier and Nicky Evans, hopefully you’ll soon feel at home in our friendly club and if you have any questions don’t forget just ASK! This week we include a really great insight into the club and it’s workings from Wendy Bate, who was our club secretary for many years and was brilliant at keeping us all in check !! PCC News of the Week:

(Correction from last week – of course it was Markus Mueller’s image which was Highly Commended. Apologies Markus !)

Once again a really successful club Zoom meeting with some interesting questions being raised by members regarding photography equipment and images. Hopefully members found it useful and an evening we can always repeat if you want to.

It was great to see the new members and even better to find out how good their images are via our Lockdown competition, well done Eve – not bad for a first go!

Meetings Next week’s meeting will be an opportunity for Paul Cooper to give members a tour of the Penryn Camera Club website, so if you want to have a quick look first just pop over to for a familiarisation, if not just hang on till next Thursday.

Competition News As Victor and Mandy reminded us last night KF 2 entries should be handed in NOW if possible with Feb 4th as the absolute final date please.

Now over to Wendy...

My Learning Experience, Joining Penryn Camera Club. Part 1. ( part 2 continues next week).

Hopefully, this article will aid our newest Members which have joined us this year. A big welcome to you all and hopefully soon, we can all meet up on a Thursday evening as usual, and get back to some normality when it is safe to do so. So here goes;

After much encouragement from my brother in law, Raymond, I joined the club just over 13 years ago, and only wished I had done it sooner, once I realised, all I had been missing in those years, of not plucking up the courage to join. Having always enjoyed photography from a very early age, I was an ALMOST, OAP age, at the time of joining. !!!!!!. I am no great photographer, so please don’t get the wrong idea there. It is a hobby I love, and mainly, out in the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful county we are so fortunate to live in, with my camera, clicking anything I fancy to capture. Luckily, with family and friends in the club, I had a few I could turn to for help when I needed it (which was often). I had to learn an almost new” Photography and Club language “and it sounded a daunting task to me at the start. So these are a few things I hope you will find useful in this article, about the club.

First, The Club Programme: Unfortunately this year, the programme is not our usual one, but a “make do”, because of the blasted Virus. It is best to learn about the competitions, Derek has given a run down on them in a previous newsletter, and Mandy has given Members the sections for each one this time. We have no prints to worry about, so it is all digital. WHEN we are back to normal next season - hopefully - there is a print section in each Competition. By then, you will have learnt a lot more about Competitions and will understand the club’s policy in mounting prints for showing off your image to the best advantage for judging. There will always be someone to help you with this in the club, (isn’t there Victor !!!???).

JUDGES:. There will be a different Judge for each competition. On giving out the results, always remember, it is THEIR opinion only, yes, it’s a bit scary at first, (I remember it well, shaking in my shoes), but, they basically give you good sound advice and by listening to them as they go through all the images, you learn so much more that you can try to accomplish in your own images and see if they work for you. Always remember, it is YOUR image, and if you are pleased with it and proud of it, that is all that matters, never worry what ONE person says, another Judge may sing your praises so high, you will have a hard job getting your head out the door!!! My advice, Listen and Learn and don’t take offence to comments.

SPEAKERS: Usually throughout the club year, we invite various competent photographers to the club, to give us a Presentation of their work. These evenings are very useful, again, it’s a listen and learn evening and they can give you many useful tips and information, places to go, camera modes, exposure, time of day, and much more, which you can make a note of for your own reference, in the future.

CRITIQUES: On these evenings, Members bring the allotted number of images (Digital) required, usually 3 or 4, per Member. It is up to the individual what to bring along, it may be something new you are trying, and you want opinions on them or, you need help on how to improve an image, or just an image you think would be nice to share with everyone. Each Member, will then explain how and why they brought this image and then in turn, the members in the club critique the images from those put forward for discussion. You will have varying degrees of comments, some may be worth taking on board and if you get the more advanced member giving you their brief, it is always worth listening and learning from their comments, as it all helps, with some ideas you may not even have thought about, which could be to your satisfaction if you try it when you get home. There is also a “ Show and Tell” night, which basically is very similar to a Critique evening but with a slight twist.( ideal if you want ideas on how to improve an image) and also in a way, you could improve on other Members images, with your comments.. Call it OBSERVATION.

Part 2 next week – in the meantime here are some photos of club events,

Bye for now Wendy

Penryn Camera Club lunch 1

Penryn Camera Club lunch 2

Penryn Camera Club lunch 3


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