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Newsletter #49 20/2/2021

Hi Everyone

1) Well done to Victor for his win in this week’s Lockdown competition with “Heavenly Happiness”, a great example of grabbing those wonderful fleeting childhood moments.

2) For information did you know that certain Camera Stores offer free shows from time to time, some more entertaining than others. As an example I enclose the (SAFE) link to the Wex Photo Events page in which you will find details of the upcoming 6th March FREE YouTube show from well known Street photographer Martin Parr.

PCC News of the Week: Thanks to Victor for the critique images sent around – don’t forget to VOTE !


1) Next week we have our KF2 Street Life and Open competition with our old friend and ex PCC Chair Mark Walker doing some judging for us. It should be a really good evening as Mark is not only a very perceptive judge, but also a working photographer who does presentations and demos for Studio equipment specialist Interfit.

2) I have only had a light take-up of the Saturday 27th February CPA Zoom presentation by Wildlife Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas and as the clock is ticking, if you interested in joining please advise me ASAP. It is a bargain at £3 !

Competition News

1) Looks like we had a few members enter the WCPF Knightshayes Trophy so you never know ! Judging is being held on 6th March 2921 with a free Zoom show to follow, so more details nearer the time.

2) Next Lockdown subject is “Open” which is basically ANY subject with editing and manipulation ALLOWED so after last week’s tutorial from Victor there should be no stopping you !!

3) Our next KF3 is coming up on the 25th March with the hand-in by 4th MARCH. Our judge is Helen Davis, the subject is OPEN with 1 Digital Colour, I Mono and 1 Off Camera

4) The WCPF DPIC (Inter Club) competition results are in with some pretty stunning images which can be viewed by clicking the various tabs here.


Porridge by Derek

Over the many years of taking Black + White Photography magazine, I have been very impressed with the dedicated Food Photography (yes it is a photographic genre!) of Tim Clinch, so I thought I would have a go myself after my recent effort of cooking Porridge !!

Regards Derek


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