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Newsletter #51 6/3/2021

Hi Everyone

Here we are with Spring already sprung along with some “slightly” warmer weather so dust those cameras off and get shooting – great load of ducks and birds at Swanpool yesterday! As already emailed to you, the links for this weekend’s Photography Show should keep you busy for the weekend! If you have lost them you can check the PCC Website and look at the Programme, then click on the date entry to see the details.

PCC News of the Week: 1) Great to hear Victor’s “Six of the Best” was so well supported along with some different viewpoints regarding the critiques made by members. Good to get all those interpretations from you.

2) It’s a busy weekend as the WCPF also have their Council Meeting this Saturday 6th March, Judging of the Knightshayes Trophy and at 2pm the FREE Zoom talk on The Eloquent Landscape” by highly regarded photographer Chris Palmer FRPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB. The flyer for the show is here

Here is the Zoom link: Login to Join Zoom Meeting from 9.45 am Meeting ID: 895 9527 2447 Passcode: 946833 Meetings

1) As mentioned thanks to all for your comments and scoring of Victor’s images and hopefully you have found the Huge thanks go out to Mark Walker for judging our KF2 competition last night with some helpful comments and great critiquing, so well done to all the members who were placed. As Mark said it was a great set of images which gave him a lot of difficulty choosing the winners.

2) So next week you have the unenviable pleasure of me to entertain you - I’ll try not to make it too painful!

Competition News

1) Next Lockdown subject is “Pets” on the 11th March with “Tranquility” on the 18th

2) KF3 results will be on the 25th March with ex-member Helen Davis (Gadd) judging.

Karen Burton- CPA Zoom Talk

Derek kindly informed us about this zoom chat with wildlife photographer Will Burrard- Lucas and I must admit being a “newbie”, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I can only say how honoured and privileged I felt, to be part of the CPA presentation.

Meercat on camera lens

I was captivated by Will’s life story and his amazing patience, tenacity and dedication to follow his dreams. He has spent years developing his craft and equipment to enhance his talents. He is inspirational to say the least! His dream was to capture the magic of The Black Spotted Leopard in Africa.

He talked to us about his remote- controlled cameras he had developed to capture “skittish and dangerous” animals. He has had to think outside the box so many times. He is so humble and down to earth, so passionate about his craft.

The photographs of the “Tuskers elephants”, crocodiles and Kimono dragons were spectacular! All taken from ground level upwards catching the enviable angle.

Tuskers Elephants
Low level photography

He made us laugh telling us about the mishaps of his equipment due to lion cubs attacking the cameras and baboons chewing the wires.

Will answered questions about the sort of equipment he used, how he maintained them when he wasn’t in Africa. He has great connections with locals who support him very well. He said he couldn’t have achieved it without them.

Black Leopard

He took a year on and off to get the “perfect shot” of the Black Leopard against a starry lit sky. The results are breath taking!

His new book is out very soon. He still wasn’t 100 percent happy with his shots, but I guess all photographers aspire to get the most perfect shot! Some of us can only dream...


Paul Cooper - our Website This week the committee has added the 124 images from the very first lockdown to the web under Archive > Lockdown 1.

File naming quickly matured but the first couple of competitions have poor title or ownership information. If any image is yours please feel free to contact me and I will update [ 1.JPG ] to something more meaningful; [ Winner - image title - photographer.jpg ] for example.

Just scroll down the page and look at the standard for a small club’s internal fun out-of- camera competitions. Wow! Well done everybody who entered any of the first set of lockdown competitions.

Best, Paul


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