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Newsletter #62 Friday 15th May 2021

Editor – Wendy Bate with Guest Author Carolin Coward

PCC News of the Week:

Hi everyone,

Well, we are missing our usual editor, and now you have the short straw, Me.

Luckily this week I have Carol’s second part of her story, so that has helped to fill up the newsletter. I have the BOSS here helping me to put this together, ( VICTOR), so it should work out ok for you all to be able to read.


  1. Last night’s meeting seen a few changes with several images jousting for first place with four images in the running. Congratulations go to Ann on her super image of “Full Steam Ahead”, which nudged her in front with the last vote that came in.

  2. We also discussed Wednesday morning workshop with Victor at The Space, and it was great to hear the feedback from the tutorial, The girls and David really enjoyed it and sang Victor’s praises on how great a teacher he was. They want to keep these tutorials running as they have learnt so much from their first session. Homework was given to them and next weeks’ tutorial, will be looking at their work they have achieved on their own.


  1. The subject of this week’s competitions was Smoke or Movement

  2. Next week we have an OPEN competition, which can be manipulated to your heart’s content, you can also, use off camera too.

Now for some more Club Reminiscences from Carolin Coward:

My Memories of the Camera Club – Episode 2

The Photographic Museum at Bowden House, Totnes and The River Dart – which I missed due to having a bad back – Buckfast Abbey, Buckfast Butterflies and Otters Sanctuary, Seaton Tramway; here in the town Geoff, Jack and Tony were having lunch when J&I went in for a snack! They were tucking into a Full English Breakfast! I asked them if they were having fish & chips later! Oh yes!!! Phew! Great appetites!!!

Mousehole Lights – more fish & chips! Screech Owl Sanctuary – we probably had fish and chips at Indian Queens that day, St Michaels Mount where I remember that Lord St Aubyn showed us around the Mount and went around a lot faster that the rest of us!! He was more like a three-year-old than late seventies!! He showed us out by the lounge where his wife had been sitting reading the papers! ‘Sorry for the mess,’ he said! We all thought she’d have kittens when she found out!! He really loved the place and knew what he was talking about! It is a beautiful place to visit and is run by the National Trust.

Another NT visit was to Castle Drogo on Dartmoor! Mount Edgecombe House was another lovely visit. The people were wonderful. Ron & Vera Dennis and Dennis & Pat Watson went again on another day as Pat had to use a wheelchair to get around. The staff asked them if they could come back again and they’d take Pat upstairs in the lift. They’d not got enough staff on our day! I just wish I could remember all Coach Outings!!

As expenses rose, we decided we’d go more local and use cars to go around! Trelissick NT, Enys, The Windmill Nature Reserve – down at the Lizard, lunch down on the Lizard in a lovely Hotel – just wish I could remember the name of it! It was owned by the family of Julian Essam who had judged at the club. We wish he was still around as he was a brilliant judge and speaker! Goonhilly was interesting. We had a short tour around the Dishes. What made this interesting to me was that my Dad had worked there when it was being built!

Britannia Furniture Removals was another place we visited although John and I couldn’t make that one! The visit to the beautiful Cathedral in Truro was a lovely evening! Falmouth Fire Station, King Edward Mine, Geevor Tin Mine, Carminowe Gardens, Newquay Air Museum, Caerhayes Castle & Gardens. Hayle Bird of Paradise Park was lovely. All those beautiful birds! And the Gweek Seal Sanctuary was another one with all the Seals! The lovely village of Mevagissey! My favourite place other than my home town of Penryn!! We also visited the interesting St Martin Clay Museum. Pengersick Castle down Praa Sands and Carnglaze Caverns with Trago Mills! Of course, most of our days out finished off with a cream tea!! Yum!! Thanks to Ray and Julia for reminding me of some!!!!

I also ran two coaches up to Plymouth Theatre Royal for the Pantomime every year for a few years! We always had the first two rows, right in front of the stage and we loved every minute!

All our trips out of the County ended up at Lanivet for fish and chips! I dread to think how much our Panto trip would cost now! I suppose in those days it worked out about £30 for the day! Over the years we’ve seen The Golden Goose, Jack & The Beanstalk, Babes in the Wood, Cinderella, Snow White and so many more!! The last time I went to the Theatre it cost £67 for a ticket! Nikki and I took Charlotte and we even had to pay £67 for her!!!!! The Lion King was worth it though!!! Must have been six or seven years ago!! I dread to think how much the coach and Pantomime would cost now! I think it would be well over £120 for the whole day now!

In 1986 the Town Fair Committee asked us if we’d like to participate and put on an Exhibition. Oh yes! We had one of the rooms at the old school on the Terrace. It was only a large greenhouse type construction – I think a Nissan Hut was the name – and we filled it! We asked the guests of the Town Fair to judge the pictures and give us a winner. If I remember rightly, it was a picture belonging to Dennis Scrace. The judges were Lisa Goddard and her husband Alvin Stardust! It was fantastic to see them although she was a bit teasy on being asked to judge! I think the sight of all those photographs gave her a shock!

I remember accompanying Tony Scanlon around the pictures when we Exhibited in the Temperance Hall one year! I was nearly swooning!!! He was gorgeous and had such amazing blue eyes!! Phew!! He even picked out one of my pictures!!! He asked, ‘Is this yours?’ Ooooohh!! I think we’ve only missed two or three years in all the years the Town Fair has been going! We’ve had some new members from our Exhibitions so that was all good! The last two or three years we’ve even had 3 days exhibiting for Penryn Week. One thing about the Week is that we ask visitors to choose a picture and they may win it!

Over the years we’ve had to move our venues. When John and I started we met at the Town Hall. Then we went into the Temperance Hall, Mabe Hall and now we meet at the Space at the Rugby Club. It’s the best one we’ve ever had. Plenty of room for all our meetings. We’ve had models, animals and plenty of guest speakers from all over the Country! The Club is very well known for being so friendly.

We’ve had local speakers too! Les Ashworth, Charles Hosken, Adrian Langdon, David Chapman, Barbara and Malcolm Jenkin, Brian Crick, Dave Johnson, Margaret Hocking, George Collings, Alan Cox, Ron Rook, Chris Osborne, Brian Galbraith, Adrian Rowlands, Roy McBryde and many more from all over Cornwall! They would either judge competitions or give a talk!

Now everyone has gone ‘digital’! Some of us said we’d never go digital – Derek – and we all have! Mind you it’s great as you don’t need to buy film, process slides or prints anymore! You can take as many pictures as you want – I have been known to take 800+ in a day – and not have to go through the slides/prints saying ‘huh, this takes time’! Now all you have to do is unload your pictures to your PC/laptop/iPad or whatever and look through them! You can keep or throw out as many as you like! I fully remember that John and I took 27 slide and 14 print film on one holiday to Scotland!!! Cost a fortune to have that lot processed! Brian Bate would take loads of pictures and delete a load on getting home. He may have taken a 100 or so and end up with 10!!

Over the years we’ve had some lovely Sunday lunches around Falmouth. These were either a Christmas lunch or a Presentation Lunch when we were presented with cups and shield won over the Season!

The Falmouth Hotel, Greenlawns – now Merchants Manor, Penmorvah Manor, Falmouth Beach Hotel – now of course that monstrosity of an apartment building!, The Hotel down the Lizard, Tricky Dickies near Redruth, The Trelowarren Arms out Budock!, CJs at the Sanctuary also Budock, The Penmere Manor, and many years ago, a Christmas Party at the Kings in Penryn!!!!

Over the years we’ve known and loved many members. Of course, we all age and this is a list of those who we miss.

PCC: Rex Butland, Frank Hennessy, Frank Maynard, Dr Ken Farnell, Dennis Scrace, Vera Dennis, Ron and Bernice Wass, Dennis and Pat Watson, Jack Condy, Tony Toy, Calvin Northey, Maud Norrish, Brian Bate, Nigel Toy, Lynda Noone, David Vivien,

CPA : Charles Hoskin, Les Ashworth,

The Camera Club is a member of the Cornwall Photographic Alliance. One year they brought a couple of speakers in and they used 12 projectors to do the show! That was amazing and I still think about that now!!! Through them, we are an affiliated member of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. Clubs from all over the Country! Also the WCPF which is the West Country Photographic Federation. This is made up of clubs from all over the West! Many years ago we entered a competition John actually had Silver! We had to go up to Barnstaple to collect it! That was with the WCPF!!

With the other members of the CPA we have a competition every year. So many Prints and Digital Images from each member club are displayed and we all go to Truro College to have a look at them. After everyone has had a look, we sit and enjoy the DIs and then right at the end, the clubs and individual winners are presented with cups and certificates. It’s certainly a fantastic evening.

Some of us used to go out as a group and we thoroughly enjoyed our days out and our holidays together! Great fun when we all got together. Sometimes we’d even get together and put on our own slideshows! Of course as we’ve aged together, we’ve seemed to have grown apart. Shame really but I think that’s the way things go.

The club keeps going and, I hope, that it will keep going for many more years to come!

Best wishes Carol


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