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Newsletter #78 10th September 2021

Editor - Derek Godridge with Guest Author Karen Burton PCC News of the Week:

  1. Upcoming THIS SATURDAY 11th SEPTEMBER CPA 50th Anniversary – we need some volunteers to help us look after our PCC table so just let me know if you can spare any time between 4pm and 9pm.

  2. The CPA 50th kicks off at 4 till 5pm (and later at 6 to 7pm) with local portrait photographer Bob Echle with his model and pop-up studio – bring your own camera and have a go! At 5-15 it’s Bill Hall EFIAP DPAGB FBPE from Truro CC giving a talk followed by a digitised vintage slides from previous CPA and Charles Hosken entries and a FREE Cream Tea! Later there are with presentations to the 2021 CPA Annual Competition Winners You can still book yourself a ticket using the link.


  1. NEW SEASON – Our second meeting of the new season was well received with some really good questions from members old and new and we answered some really searching ones regarding image preparation for competitions. See below for more details. The meeting also decided to include TREES in the Ken Maynard competition.

  2. FEES are due and many of you have paid but if you haven’t you won’t be eligible to enter competitions. Please Contact Christine Hamshaw to pay.

  3. Next week will be a Hand-In evening for the current 2 competitions.

  4. PCC 2021-2022 Programmes are still available and can be obtained from Victor.


  • President’s Cup (Open Subject) is 1 print colour or mono + 1 digital colour or mono + 1 Off Camera with NO editing only straightening and mild cropping allowed

  • Ken Maynard (anything living but NO humans or flowers - however fungi and (now) TREES are ok. 1 print colour or mono + 1 digital colour or mono + 1 Off Camera (as above)

1. The next competition ENTRY HAND-IN is only ONE WEEK away on Thursday 16th September with judging on 14th October, so start preparing those images:

  • NB You need to provide the Prints and Digital images along with digital COPIES (1600 x 1200 px) of the prints on a pen drive (stick) to Mandy at the latest next week’s meeting. If you need help sizing your images get them to Victor and he will assist.

  • It’s VERY easy to lose track of your work and the best way to keep track of your images is to create separate folders for the year, the Competition, the entry type (Dibital, print, off camera etc) and there will be information uploaded to our PCC Website under “Knowledge” heading.

Diary Dates


  • Saturday 25th September - Penryn WI Art & Craft Fair – Temperance Hall - Penryn CC members can display and sell work.

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • Saturday 11th September – CPA 50th Anniversary celebration – Carnon Downs Community Hall 4pm till late – Please BOOK YOUR FREE ENTRY TICKET as above or advise DG to book one for you. Programme details here on the CPA Facebook page:

  • 17th September hand-in for 20th November 2021 CPA Nature & Wildlife Competition. NB You upload your 6 images max. to and give your 50p/images payment to our treasurer Chris

  • Previous year’s winners are found here:

  • Please click on the (safe) link below for the very latest 6th August update to the rules which are complex so ANY queries please don’t hesitate to contact DG.

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

9th October 2021 - WCPF Zoom Annual General Meeting 2.00 pm Zoom Afternoon Lecture by Antony PenroseSubject “Lee Miller: Witnessing Women at War”

Penryn on the map! Tour of Britain by Karen Burton

In case anyone didn’t make it to see the Tour of Britain I thought I would share some of the excitement we witnessed.

Ready in wait, Chairman Mr.T staked his place 12.00pm with plenty of time to prepare as they were due through at 1.28pm. I rocked up to disturb his peace with my shiny new Nikon D750. Talk about all the gear and no idea! However, I did get the direction of the cyclists right. Lucky I was there as Mr.T might not have got his shot!

Penryn held the Sprint and there was party in the park to celebrate which had some great music and fun to support the Tour Of Britain. First there were countless police and different support vehicles to practice your shots on. We waited as the first leaders came through Jacob Scott GB, Max Walker and Oliver Stockwell, Nic Dlamini, Joey Rosskopf.

There was a slight break before the rest of the pack came through. Big shout out to our St Piran riders who sported the Cornish Tartan. So proud of them! It was Jacob Scott GB who won the Sprint in Penryn. It really was a “blink and you miss it” moment! I set my camera to S mode ,800 ISO, and 6 frames per second and hoped for the best.

I was fairly pleased with my debut efforts. Victor was cool calm and collected and sat back with his remote button and clicked away whilst he reclined in his chair.

It was very daunting using a brand new camera at such an important event. I wasn’t expecting much I had to be realistic. I found the camera much heavier than my previous one, but once I find my way around the complex buttons hopefully I will get to love my new baby. Thank goodness for my support team Victor and Derek! So good to be able to get valuable advice. Never be afraid to ask for help. Everyone is so kind and ready to share their invaluable knowledge.

the first leaders came through

I was on the phone to Derek whilst he was running up Zelah hill to get the perfect shot. I understand he nearly got wiped out by the support vehicles who were doing 60MPH! Thankfully he survived his brush with death to get his shot, so we will get to see his images soon. They better be worth it Derek! The lengths some people go to is extreme!

There was a slight break before the rest of the pack came through. #1

So the Stage 1 of the tour started at Penzance came through Falmouth, Penryn past Truro via Carnon Downs,which held the King of the Mountain race. I believe Belgian Wout an Aert won the King of the Mountain race. Carnon Downs came out in force to support the cyclists with flags and 5 deep crowds Eve said. She said the atmosphere was electric. Wout Van Aert won overall the Stage 1 event.

There was a slight break before the rest of the pack came through. #2

Cornwall did the Tour of Britain proud, but if you missed it you can catch up on ITV4 Hub where there are highlights and the whole of Stage 1 race. It was a great day for Penryn and hopefully between us we will have some great images to share.

A momentous day for us all which put Penryn on the map!

Cheers for now Derek & Karen



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