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Newsletter #82 8th October 2021

Editor - Derek Godridge PCC News of the Week:

We had a good meeting last night with Victor showing us how to manipulate images using Photoshop and Karen telling us she had managed to re-arrange the Helston Railway trip for NEXT THURSDAY same time hence meet in the car park at 12.30pm at Trevarno Farm, Prospidnick, Helston TR13 0RY. Anyone who was not at the meeting and wishes to go please contact Karen Burton for details. I have a couple of seats for anyone who needs a lift or doesn’t have Sat-Nav !! Check out


  1. As above, Victor used an image that our youngest temporary Ash had brought along and talked us through a practical exercise mainly around the use of the cloning and healing tools in Photoshop software. Victor emphasised the need for the image to look correct rather than just pressing a mouse, buttons and sliders!

  2. As above Karen gave further details of the Helston Railway trip next Thursday along with a proposed planned trip to the Wheal Martyn China Clay museum very soon.

  3. Next week we have the first of our externally judged President’s Cup and Ken Maynard competitions so please be on time to get a good seat!

  4. In 2 weeks time we have a Member’s Critique evening and you can bring up to 4 images for members to discuss and critique.

  5. PCC 2021-2022 Programmes are available from Victor.


  1. Don’t forget only PAID-UP members can enter our competitions - speak with Christine Hamshaw to pay.

  2. The next competition HAND-IN date is 28th October – so get prepping those shots

    • Ken Farnell (KF1) – Total 5 Images – Subject OPEN

    • 1 print COLOUR, 1 print MONO

    • 1 digital COLOUR, 1 digital MONO

    • 1 Off Camera with NO editing only straightening and mild cropping allowed

  • Reminder - You need to provide the Prints and Digital images along with digital COPIES (1600 x 1200 px) of the prints on a pen drive (stick) to Mandy by 28th October. If you need help sizing your images get them to Victor and he will assist.

  • It’s VERY easy to lose track of your work and the best way to keep track of your images is to create separate folders for the year, the Competition, the entry type (Digital, print, off camera etc) so have a look at our PCC Website under “Knowledge” heading/sub heading “competition files”

My File methodology

A couple of members have enquired again about how/where to file their PCC competition images so here is a screen-shot of my own PC showing how I file my images. You may well already have a perfectly workable solution so this is merely a suggestion

As you will see it is just a series of folders and sub folders under the main “Pictures” folder starting with “1 PCC Images” for Penryn Camera Club, then “1 PCC 2021-22” for the current season. I then make up folders for the current year’s competitions e.g. Ken Maynard etc. Then within those folders I drop in any I think are “possible” and finally work up my competition images as prints or digital files before making sub folders for the print or DPI files. NB You will note I have only got to KF1 and have several others yet to create!!

Finally, at the end of the season I edit the main folder with a “2” prefix and hence keep the current year at the top of the “Pictures” folder in my Windows “File Explorer”

Sounds complicated but hopefully the enclosed screen-shot helps.

Derek's folder structure
Derek's folder structure

Any queries just ASK!

Diary Dates PCC

  • Thursday 14th October – President’s Cup and Ken Maynard judging

  • Thursday 14th October – Helston Railway outing meet 12.30pm for 1pm train (Refreshements available)

  • Thursday 21st October – Member’s critique – bring up to 4 images

  • Thursday 28th October – Hand in for KF1

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • Wednesday 27th October – CPA Committee meeting via Zoom @7.30pm

  • Saturday 20th November – Nature and Wildlife Competition, Zoom meeting £4 tickets will be available via Zoom and the Eventbrite hub. Email link to follow.

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)



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