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Newsletter #84 24th October 2021

Editor - Derek Godridge with Guest Author Paul Cooper

PCC News of the Week:

What a fantastic spread in this week’s Falmouth Packet listing all the winning competitors from last week’s competitions along with a selection of the images – well done Paul !!

Meetings 1. Last night’s Critique meeting was well supported by members with some really great images brought in for us to critique. Members were reminded of the need to not takecomments to heart but to use them as information for possibly improving images or try again next time! The work shown was useful in being able to discuss and highlight technical and compositional aspects of our photography along with giving guidance for possible use in upcoming competitions so we may be seeing them again in the near future! 2. Karen has arranged our trip to Purdy’s Tearooms and Wheal Martyn Clay Museum so if you missed the email and wish to come along please contact her (see details below).

3. Next week is our Hand-In night for our OPEN KF1 competition and a theory and practical session on Depth Of Field so BRING YOUR CAMERAS !


1. Don’t forget only PAID-UP members can enter our competitions - speak with Christine Hamshaw to pay. 2. Once again well done to all the winners and runners up from last week. Details and images are on the PCC website here: 3. The next competition HAND-IN date is next Thursday 28th October

  • Ken Farnell (KF1) – Total 5 Images – Subject OPEN

  • 1 print COLOUR, 1 print MONO

  • 1 digital COLOUR, 1 digital MONO

  • 1 Off Camera with NO editing only straightening and mild cropping allowed

Reminder - You need to provide the Prints and Digital images along with digital COPIES (1600 x 1200 px) of the prints on a pen drive (stick) to Mandy by 28th October. If you need help sizing your images please ask

Diary Dates PCC

  • Thursday 28th October – Hand in for KF1

  • Saturday 30th October – 2pm for a Cream Tea or Lunch – Purdy’s Tea Room, Playing Place

  • Tuesday 2nd November at 10.30am – Wheal Martyn Clay Museum, St Austell

  • Thursday 4th November – Member’s Evening and Lucky Dip

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

  • Saturday 13th November 2021 - WCPF Zoom Meeting

  • Kingswood Salver Judging at 10.30am followed by 2.00 pm Zoom Afternoon Lecture Talk by Ross McKelvey MFIAP MPAGB FBPE FIPF EFIAP/p

  • Zoom link to follow.

Paul Cooper on 10 great tips:

Website menu

  • How to get to our members Facebook page; Click the logo on the front page or click the link under [External]

  • How to resize your image; Try [Knowledge] [Resizing to 1600 or 1200]. YOUR knowledge needed for this page, talk to Paul about the format.

  • How to see last all last years "Image of the year" submissions; Click [Gallery] then click on Maly’s winning image of The Artists

    • Free bonus tips; What happens if you click on any of the smaller icons?

    • If you have a gallery open what happens if you click on the image?

  • How to blend complex backgrounds; click [Videos] then click [Blend if]

  • How to see what was the last newspaper submission; Click [Blog] then click [Newspaper]. Last one at the top.

    • Free bonus tip; click [Newsletter] to see all Derek’s Newsletters.

  • How to see other Cornish camera clubs websites; Click [About] scroll down a bit to the map and click a blue icon then click the website link.

  • How to see what’s coming up; Click [Programme], click the arrow keys to move forward/backwards in time and click the event to see more details.

  • Can you have your own portfolio?; Yep, click [Portfolios] then [Derek] to see the template. Talk to Paul for your own.

  • Where to park in Truro?; Click [External] then click the [Try this website] link

  • What happens to your competition images?; Hover over documents and click [Competition Images].

    • Free bonus tip; What do the other documents cover? Click on them to find out.

Is there more? Oh yes; Hover over [More] and click any dropdown topic. Wow!

I (Paul) am always looking for ideas to improve the site so feel free to chat to me with any ideas you have.

Cheers for now Derek & Paul


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