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Newsletter #91 Friday 10th December 2021

Editor - Derek Godridge PCC News of the Week:

It was great to see the excellent support by members at last night’s Lucky Dip competition and congratulations must go to the contestants who turned in some great work along with the winners of course.

1st Place - Mountains of Mourne – Victor Tullin 2nd Place - Heavens Above – Geoff James 3rd Place - Portland, Oregon - Janet Godridge 4th Place - Which Way Does The Wind Blow - Eve Govier

+Big thank you to Mandy for the impeccable organisation - Looking forward to part 2 !

It was also really nice to see our local “pirate” Victor who joined us and updated members on the impending move to PENRYN FC.

Karen B let the members know that NEXT WEEK she will be collecting the monies for our Christmas meal at The Falmouth Hotel on Sunday 9th January 1.30pm. The hotel needs the numbers and cheques need to be cleared in time so Karen needs the money in ASAP! You should have had an email from Karen but if not and you want to come please advise Karen.

We now have further details on the 2022 Charles Hosken competition which have been emailed out to you but here’s a re-cap Hand in date - Sunday 30th January 2022

WeTransfer example

Prepare your images in a folder and send them to using WeTransfer at and once all images are uploaded hit the “Transfer” button.

  • It should look something like this “Dummy” entry I just made for last year’s images. Please note I use this method every other day for my Estate Agency images and it is perfectly safe.

Any problem give me a call on 07788590141

The fee needs to be paid of course and I am awaiting confirmation but will probably be to our Treasurer Chris who would then send the total amount to the CPA.

Last year’s CH Rules (again to be confirmed)

  1. Must be all your own work, and must NOT be the same or similar to any previous entry

  2. Open subject of YOUR choice – except NO NATURE OR WILDLIFE

  3. Up to 4 Digital Projected Images

  4. 1200 pixels max height by 1600 pixels wide

  5. Naming e.g. “D1-Image Title-Your Name-PenrynCC” then “D2-Image Title-Your Name- PenrynCC” etc

Note: Upper and lower case as shown and hyphens between title and name and club No spaces between words and hyphens & NB hyphens NOT underscore.

The file name as presented will be used for projection in the competition.

Previous winning images can be found here:


  1. As mentioned we had a super evening last night with the Lucky Dip competition with members scoring all images 1 to 5 and the totals gave us the winning images listed above. Now looking forward to Part 2 !

  2. Next week 16th December, will be Geoff’s cream tea and a critique of the Lucky Dip images.


  1. The next Club Competition is the “Lucky Dip Part 2” with the 13th January hand-in

  2. The KF2 competition for January 2022 will be a set subject “Simplicity” .

Reminder - KF2 Changes: KF2 - HAND-IN Thursday 20th January 2022.

SET SUBJECT - SIMPLICITY - PRINT - 1 No. Print - can either be Colour or Mono

SET SUBJECT - SIMPLICITY - DIGITAL - 1 No. Digital Image - can be Colour or Mono

OPEN DIGITAL - 1 No Digital Image - can be Colour or Mono OPEN OFF CAMERA (No Photo Editing) - 1 No. Digital Image TOTAL OF 4 IMAGES for KF2

Diary Dates PCC

  • Thursday 16th December – Geoff James’ Cream Tea

  • Sunday 9th January 1.30pm Christmas meal at The Falmouth Hotel Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • The next CPA competition is the Charles Hosken digital Open Competition on Friday 18th March with a hand-in date of Sunday 30th January 2022. See above for details

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

  • TBA

Cheers for now Derek



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