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Newsletter NL129 – 10th Sept 2022

PCC News –

After holding a minute’s standing silence out of respect for the queen, the Penryn Camera Club enjoyed an information evening designed for our newer members, where we explained the mystic arts of naming and sizing images for competitions.

Chairman Victor used the club’s large TV to back up the chat with visual examples. Our competition secretary, Mandy, is hoping everybody was listening hard to reduce her workload as we move through this year’s competitions. There was a free raffle with enough prizes that almost everyone present won something.

Geoff hasn’t lost the art of making a decent cuppa and the evening ended with chit-chat and a catch-up using our recycled cups and scoffing biscuits. Yum!

You can contact us by email at until we fix our hijacked website. Yes, the investigation is STILL ongoing. Meanwhile, our Facebook page is active;

Avoiding Scams!

Last week, having just received yet another spoof email (slightly under one hour from receiving a genuine DHL notification) I thought I would share some tips on spotting the con artists. This is a particularly bad and easily spotted spoof but I have a top tip below to avoid even the best.

spoof email

I have FIVE red flags and am now in total disbelief and I haven’t even started to read the content yet ... There is no salutation, Dear Mr Cooper ... etc.

Although they have DHL colour scheme right they have used B in the logo. No idea why, makes no sense.

The arrow over the image suggests a video - it’s a link to the pirates not even attempting to be close to - and why is Amazon in the link if the email is from DHL? And why is Shopper spelt incorrectly? And why is the same address for the image AND the “check here” button?

You cannot tell but the whole of the content is one image and wherever you click you are taken to the address. (To see where you might be taken hover your mouse over a button or potential link but DO NOT CLICK. Just hover and read.)

And today I happened to be in all day, so 13 red flags for this one email (I said it was easily spotted).

Here are some Key red flags - any one should raise your heckles:

  • Emails with Bad Grammar and Spelling Mistakes.

  • Emails with an Unfamiliar Greeting or Salutation.

  • Inconsistencies in Email Addresses, Links & Domain Names.

  • Requests to open Suspicious Attachments.

  • Emails Requesting Login Credentials, Payment Information or Sensitive Data.

  • Too Good to Be True Emails.

One final top tip, if you get an unexpected email from a bank or person you recognise suggesting a problem, or issue, or asking you to do something DON'T click the link provided (and don’t open attachments). Instead go to your account via your website in your usual process. For me that would be for example. Log into your account and see if the issue is reported there. 90%+ it will not be, and you will know you have avoided a spoof.

If however the email is from someone your recognise ( and contains content you are expecting (e.g. the weekly Camera club newsletter) then opening the attachment and following any links inside will be safe. In general the fraudsters are improving their techniques, and you need to have your guard up, but not to the exclusion of all life on Earth :-) Regards Paul

  • PCC Subs are now DUE Please pay via our bank details below and reference “PCC Subs”

  • Saturday 17th December at 5.30pm – Xmas Meal – Falmouth Golf Club See Menu sent out by Karen - £28 for 2 courses, £32 for 3 courses, 10% deposit needed.


  • Thursday 15th September @ 7.30pm President’s Cup and Ken Maynard hand-in. Enclosed are further copies of Mandy’s entry slips for these competitions.

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • Wildlife & Nature Competition Hand-in - Saturday 17th September – max 6 images £1 per image Competition results - Saturday 19th November 2022 – The Keay Theatre, St Austell. Forum and Conference for students, for the community, for all. Seating 224 with a fully stocked bar. The theatre is fully blacked out, has a large screen, full disabled access, comfortable seating. It is a 15min walk from the train/bus station. Lots of free parking. If you are entering, you need to check out the rules on the link below and also pay the fees to our treasurer via the BACS details for PCC as follows, SORT CODE 30 98 57 Account number 00544956 Please annotate your payment with the reference “CPA Wildlife” NB Our Treasurer Chris will then make ONE payment to the CPA Bank Account. More details at

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

  • 11th March 2023 - Knightshayes Trophy 2023 subject is “Decisive Moment”

All the best from Derek and the team !


Ken Maynard Shield

Presidents cup



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