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Newsletter NL132 – 29th Sept 2022

Editor - Derek Godridge and contributions from Liz Richardson & the team:

PCC News –

  • Great to see so many Camera Club Members enjoying the delights of the Penryn Mock Mayor ceremony last week. It was a close run thing with the voting and to my reckoning our own Karen Burton came a very close second – at least she beat Father Christmas!

By the way, Karen is the one with the pink hair!

Penryn Mock Mayor  1
Penryn Mock Mayor 2

Photo Credits: DeeGee

  • Last night we were highly entertained by our member Liz with a great show of her work a couple of weddings she recently photographed. Although, as Liz said, she hadn’t had any experience of shooting weddings, she showed some really great photos which proved that her general photography skills had really helped her to find those special shots. Often with weddings it’s about noticing the details and those little “moments” that you have to be looking out for and Liz showed us she had certainly captured some magic moments. Thanks Liz.

  • After the break yours truly attempted to send everyone to sleep (not) with a short slide show outlining just some of the “Rules” of photography. Needless to say the selection of these “rules” is somewhat arbitrary and those illustrated, along with examples, were just a personal selection of possibly the most useful for club members.

For reference the list included:

  1. Simplify the scene – De-clutter the background to draw attention to your subject.

  2. The Rule of thirds. Instead of placing your subject central, split the frame into thirds and offset the image

  3. Fill the frame - Too much 'negative' or unused space might not work for your photo.

  4. Diagonal lines. – provide a dynamic feeling for the image

  5. High or low – to ensure the image isn’t split in half

  6. Reflections – reflections often intrigue us

  7. Rule of odds – 1,3,5 often works better than evens 2,4,6 etc

  8. Symmetry – provides a calm, contemplative effect

  9. Leading Lines – can help to direct the viewer’s attention

  10. Depth of field – Aids focussing on the important part of the image

  11. Use Colour to help compose your images

  12. Try Patterns – they can be a visual puzzle as we look for order

  13. Look Up and Down – Don’t just be a 5ft photographer

  14. Juxtapose – look for contrasting or complimentary elements

  15. Break the rules! Once you know them why not break them !

PCC Social Events

  • CANCELLED DUE TO COVID Saturday 1st October 2pm. Purdeys at Kea for a Cream Tea

  • NEW Saturday 1st October @ 2pm - New Venue Falmouth Golf Club “I have had to change the venue from Purdeys to Falmouth Golf Club this Sat 1st October at 2.00pm The cream tea is available for £7.50 including Tea/Coffee Alternatively you can choose off the All Day menu which I have attached. If you can let me know your choices it might help them out on Saturday to run smoothly for us.” (DG Menu Enclosed separately in the accompanying email)

  • Sunday 16th October @ Aviation Centre St Mawgan Please let me know for definite who will be attending as we can get a group rate which is great! I haven't booked lunch, but nearby there is The Falcon Inn which is a lovely old pub. I Will organise if you wish to book lunch otherwise we can just take a chance depending how many of us there are. Your thoughts please.

  • Saturday 17th December at 5.30pm – Xmas Meal – Falmouth Golf Club o New LOW Price ! See Menu sent out by Karen - £28 £22 for 2 courses, £32 £26 for 3 courses, 10% deposit needed. If you have already paid the old price please claim your partial refund from our treasurer Chris.

PCC Diary Dates

  • (Change to programme) Thursday 6th October – Creative Photoshop talk – Kevin Leah!

  • Thursday October 13th at 7.30pm o Ken Maynard and President’s Cup Results show with Colin Higgs judging

  • If you haven’t yet paid PCC Subs your competition entries will be voided so Please pay via our bank details below and reference “PCC Subs”

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • Competition results - Saturday 19th November 2022 – doors open 2pm at The Keay Theatre, St Austell entrance £4

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

Wildlife & Nature Competition Entries are now in. Seating 224 with a fully stocked bar. The theatre is fully blacked out, has a large screen, full disabled access, comfortable seating. It is a 15min walk from the train/bus station. Lots of free parking.

11th March 2023 - Knightshayes Trophy 2023 subject is “Decisive Moment”

Final musings ......

Two weeks ago this classic somewhat surreal photo by Man Ray was sold for $12.4M !

photo by Man Ray

Image Credit: Le Violon d’Ingres By Man Ray

All the best from Derek and the team!



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