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Newsletter NL161 – 21st April 2023

Editor - Derek Godridge and the team:

PCC News this week:

  • Thanks to everyone who attended our AGM as it is obviously your opportunity to voice any opinions for improvements that you may have. As you will know we now have a newly elected Committee headed up by our new Chair – Wendy Bate, ably assisted by our new Vice-Chair – Paul Cooper. Congratulations to all.

  • We also have an amended PCC Constitution incorporating the changes that the attending members voted through and it can be found HERE:

  • Thanks also go to Karen for organizing last Sunday’s trip to Geevor Mine which lasted over 2 1/2 hours and was very comprehensive. Firstly we had a tour of the main outside areas including the iconic Winding engine.

Geevor Mine

  • Our guide Grant shared some very interesting facts about the mine’s history and it’s relationship to the other local mines such as Levant. The more modern mine we see today dates from around the turn of the century, but it was originally started way back in the 1790s.

Geevor Mine 2

  • We heard about the young lads who started work when they were just 9 years old and Grant also told us about the cage that took 8 men down into the depths of the earth for a 10 hour shift.

Geevor Mine3

  • Grant also explained the challenges of wrestling with a compressed air-driven rock drill. Especially the noise, dust and vibration that he, as an ex- miner himself, had to endure.

Geevor Mine 4

• It was quite surprising to learn that in addition to tin and some copper, a lot of iron was also separated out from the broken ore by use of a huge magnet.

Geevor Mine 5

After a brief tour of some of the “Shaking tables” we then proceeded to the underground section. Although fairly well lit you certainly had to watch your head and dodge the water drips!

Geevor Mine 6

• The really poignant part to visit what was somewhat ironically called “The dry” where the men showered and changed after their shift. The sight of the lockers and the discarded clothing hanging up to dry certainly got to some of us.

Geevor Mine 6

We also had lots of freedom to move around the site, with some of us actually finding the museum!

Very appropriate for our “Hard Rock” loving President Geoffrey.

Image credits: DeeGee – Impressions of Geevor

News from our new Vice-Chair – Paul

Kingswood Salver progress

Kingswood Salver 20%

If you missed the “what’s this” presentation look here.

Current action: Members are taking pictures (or reviewing their history) and sending themto on Tin Mines, Birds in flight and Emergency Services in action. Tall Ships, Gaff Riggers and Reservoir Dogs are all awaiting summer dates.

Use to send whole folders. Good-quality historic images are welcome unless used in previous WCPF competitions. Look under Documents > H&S to see the categories, and click read me to see specific entries. Target is at least one image per category per member - how are you doing?

Remember to title your images <title> - <your name>.jpg e.g. Rinsey Head 1 - Karen.jpg

Our latest web updates

PCC Web page

The knowledge section has deeper articles and “quick bites” (under a minute of simple text explanations, marked ** ). For example; what’s a polarising filter used for (see Filter; Polarising **)

So - What’s missing? No question too small, or too big. Ask Paul OR provide him with an article yourself (up to three images, as much text as you like).

I have also updated the members profile section to include the new roles

It would be great if members could check their images and update any (ideally head and shoulders) they feel are now out-of-date.

Best, Paul Other Musings:

I managed to inadvertently delete my Geevor images from my SD card prior to downloading them and so panicked a bit before I remembered that I had some San-Disk Recovery software. Once I had located the disk and fired it up, it took about half an hour to find the images that were missing !! Quite amazing – so if anyone does the same stupid thing as I did, all is NOT lost as you may borrow my magic disk anytime !

PCC Meetings

  • Thursday 27th April at 7.30pm – PLEASE BRING FOOD for a final end of season bite !! • Mandy’s Fun Quiz

PCC Social Events

As we nearly come to end of our Winter Season, our Summer Events programme swings into place and we have an exciting events which you can join in

  • Saturday April 29th – Trevithick Day – why not go and enjoy this amazing show of traction engines and stalls.

  • Thursday May 4th – Eveing walk out to Wheal Peevor, Radnor

  • Thursday May 11th Fire Station

IDEAS ?? Let Karen know if you think a location would make a good outing.

Wet weather ?? If the weather turns sour on us and it’s a Thursday evening we can often dive in our clubhouse so all is not lost.

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • Annual Competition & Show – 13th May @3pm doors open 2pm – Entry £4 on the door

  • The Keay Theatre, Cornwall College,Tregonissey Road St Austell Cornwall PL25 4DJ

  • IMPORTANT – There will be some fine prints on display from ALL the Cornish clubs in the CPA and is a great opportunity to see those as well as some excellent digital images. Remember to please support the club and car-share – currently I have TWO spare seats, first come etc....

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

  • The president has posted the latest WCPF Newsletter on the WCPF Facebook Page so if want to know what’s on in the region and would like to join here is the link:

  • 2023 WCPF Member’s Exhibition and Competition o Display of Prints and Digital show at Bovey Tracy Golf Centre from 7th to 15th May 2023 o There are 3 classes in both the Print and Digital sections and the subjects are the same Open Colour, Open Monochrome, Nature

Other Events – See Poster sent previously

  • Sunday 21 May 2023

  • Bristol Photographic Society are proud to present a Memorial Event in memory of past President of the Society, Bob Faris FRPS MPAGB AFIAP.

The Society invites you to join them for an exciting day focused on presentations by renowned photographers Joe Cornish and Michael O'Sullivan. This event is free but must be booked in advance - go to faris-memorial-event/ for full details and booking information.

All the best from Derek, Paul, Karen and the team !



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