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Newsletter NL173 – Friday 22nd September 2023

It seemed to be a series of unfortunate events last night. The traffic was horrendous and caused big problems to start the evening off. Well done if you made it, only to find we couldn’t get into the club.

Well, what a disappointing evening folks! We can only apologise profusely for the major inconvenience it caused so many people. It was not our fault we were not told by the Football Club there was a Wake being held there last night on OUR club night! They double-booked us.

Thank you Mandy for keeping calm and collected under such difficult circumstances. Mandy’s job as Competition Secretary is not easy at the best of times so thank you for managing to get most members' entries done. A huge thank you to all of our members for their patience and understanding on this matter.

Please contact Mandy if you didn’t manage to get your entries in.

I was really looking forward to our critique evening but don’t worry we will be able to carry it over to another evening possibly 5th October.

Coming up...



September 28th –Nicola Condon is joining us with her mobile zoo!

Please bring your cameras, and tripod as it is a practical evening when we will have different stations for different animals and it will work like a carousel giving us 3 mins each approximately.

I asked Nicola if it was ok to use Flash and have

 Pet Food Bank

lights set up she said it was fine.

I will give you a letter of the alphabet to which station you will start off with. I hope my idea works so we will all get a chance to photograph each animal one at a time. We will rotate every 15 minutes.

Nicola has a charity Pet Food Bank - Opening September 23rd.

*I think it would be great if you do own a cat or dog or anything else for us to donate some food /pet care /treats /money to her worthy cause*

CJ’s SUNDAY LUNCH-Sunday October 1st 12.45 pm

School Hill, BudockWater, Falmouth, Cornwall Tr115dd

We have 20 members for lunch so far. Please let me know by Thursday 28th as I need to tell CJ’s exact numbers in plenty of time to enable them to order the food.

Karen Burton Email- Mobile- 07724 344420


Not to be missed! (Unless you are on a cruise like me)

For those who are unfamiliar with Adrian’s work, you are in for a treat!

Adrian is a highly respected bird and wildlife photographer who has an amazing talent for capturing such wonders of nature.

We may be inviting other clubs to join us to help us with the costs of the evening. (Invitation only) I’m so cross with myself I will be away when he comes!

If you are lucky enough to have had a great holiday /experience or jumping on a cruise ship like one of our members Jane, who is sailing the high seas on the Ambition which left Falmouth last week. Please don’t keep all the news to yourself!

Please share some images (Not the whole 1000 of them just a few will be sufficient haha!)

You can send them to Derek for our newsletter- Emails to

Or send them to Paul to put content on our website Emails to

the Ambition which left Falmouth last week

Looking forward to seeing you all next week with cameras at the ready All the best from the Team

Karen, Wendy, Derek, Paul, Mandy, Maru and Chris



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