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Newsletter NL187 – Friday 19th January 2024

Editor: Derek Godridge with more from Paul Cooper PCC News:

Wow, what a great night we had last night with respected photography judge .... and all-around photographer Sage .... Bruce Hobbs. Members had been asked to bring mounted and un-mounted prints and DPIs for critique and this gave Bruce the opportunity to discuss with the individual members their own thoughts on the image before proceeding to discuss which aspects worked and which aspects may detract from the work being successful in competitions. Crucially Bruce made the distinction between photos which are principally made for one’s own pleasure and those selected for competition entries.

Bruce Hobbs 1

Some of Bruce’s many useful tips are included below.

  • The rule of thirds and the Fibonacci Spiral – also known as the golden spiral – were again

  • The importance of making the subject of your work clear to the viewer and not presume that, for example, they know the species they are looking at or the meaning of the scene photographed.

  • Leaving some “breathing space” around the main subject matter to allow it to “breathe”

  • Especially with animals or plants which may be light in tone, make sure you have darker tones around the subject to enable it to stand out, also think about de-saturating or reducing the contrast of non-subject areas.

  • Light pastel tones in a photograph really do benefit from darker tones around the edges, so move your shooting position to achieve this if you can. Make sure the subject stands out.

  • Leaving room for the subject to “move into” and remember that any animal photo will appeal more to the viewer if it has just landed or is about to move away from the viewer.

  • Look at the background to ensure it isn’t busy and if possible move to change the angle of view and hence “de-clutter” the image.

  • Look for the photograph BEFORE you get your camera out to ensure you have a clear vision of what you want to photograph. Ask yourself “What am I taking a picture of?”

  • Does the frame put the picture in the best light, maybe a lighter or darker mount might

  • Remember that in landscapes, the amount of sky above the highest point will change

  • If you have leading lines in an image they need to lead somewhere otherwise they can

  • With more abstract images ask yourself “Does it look interesting, does any included

  • With boats try an exercise in photographing the same boat from different angles going

  • Give “context” to your photos so if you include a surfer make sure we can see where he

Bruce Hobbs 2

Bruce explains how a locally bright, plain area of sky detracts from the image.

Image Credits: DeeGee - “Bruce Hobbs Critique Session

Some Timely Reminders from Paul Cooper:

Are you getting the best from our website?

Let’s think about competitions. Did you know there are videos, knowledge articles and documents on the web that answer all** your questions?

** A bold statement, if untrue email your question to Paul who will guide you to the answer or will answer it and update the web.

The links here will take you straight to “How to”:

  • Rename files,

  • Resize in Photoshop (other editors are similar)

  • Resize on-line

  • Set your camera to take B&W images

  • manage your files

  • get some inspiration

  • How to do simple editing

  • enter the competition

  • Read the rules (that’s radical!)

  • see what’s coming up, and a plethora of questions answered.

  • All that is simply helping you prepare for competitions so why not Go to the website and

PCC Social News – Karen Burton

  • I have booked The Trelowarren Pub in Budock Water on March 17th 2024 for Sunday Roast 12.30pm. Prices range from around £13-16 depending on what size roast you would like.Please let me know if you are interested in joining us. I need to know numbers as soon as we can please.

  • Don’t forget the fun Scavenger Hunt - Please bring your best 3 images for on a Memory Stick on Thursday 25th January 2024

Scavenger Hunt

PCC Diary Dates:

  • Thursday 25t0 January – Karen’s Scavenger Hunt – Bring 3 best images

  • Thursday 1st February – Presentation by Kevin Leah

  • Thursday 8th February – KF2 Results with the judge Pam Robertson

Other Musings:

  • Photography quotations – Imogen Cunningham “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow.”

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • NEW VENUE - CPA Charles Hosken Competition @ The Burrell Theatre, Truro School – Saturday 3rd February – 2pm start, doors open 1.15pm

  • Please car-share wherever possible – thanks !

  • CPA Inter-Club Competition and Exhibition @ The Keay Theatre, (Cornwall College) St Austell. May 2024 – Date TBC

  • Hand-in 3rd April to allow for selection and submission to CPA.o Rules on the websiteo

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

  • Saturday 6th Jan 2024 - Members Exhibition Open for EntriesDetailed information is available here: exhibition

  • Monday 8th Jan 2024 - Inter-Club Championships - Print Competition Close for Entries

  • Sunday 14th Jan 2024 - Inter-Club Championships - DPIC Competition Closing date for

  • Saturday 24th Feb 2024 - Inter-Club Championships - DPIC & Print Competition o

  • Sunday 3rd March 2024 - Knightshayes Trophy and Council Meeting

  • All WCPF Club members may enter up to TWO mounted prints, there is no Fee for entering Knightshayes and Admission on the day is Free

  • Closing date for Entries 4th February at the Exeter Corn Exchange but if you wish to hand them to me BEFOREHAND I can get them to Lorraine who will forward them.

  • Application form here: 4ff.pdf

  • Saturday 9th March 2024 - Members Exhibition Closing date for Entries o

  • Sunday 5th May 2024 Executive Meeting & Opening of Members Exhibition

Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question – Just Ask !

All the best Derek and the Team!


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