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Newsletter NL190 – Friday 9th February 2024

Editor: Derek Godridge with more from Amanda Hanson

If members have any prints for the WCPF Members Exhibition please get them to me ASAP at 35 Old Well Gardens Penryn TR10 9LF and I will forward them to the WCPF Rep.

PCC News :

Last night was the results night for our KF2 Competition ably judged by Pam Robertson from Falmouth Camera Club. This was our dedicated Mono competition with entries in the usual print, Digital (DPI) and Open (Off-Camera) Categories. Shown below are the category winners and all of the entries can be seen on our PCC Facebook Page

1st - Misty Penryn Morning - Mark Quilter


1st - Misty Penryn Morning - Mark Quilter

2nd - Brighton Sea View - Julie Nicholls

3rd - Welsh Feral Goat - John YarrowH/C - Honouring A Legend - Derek Godridge

1st - Egyptian Market - John Yarrow


1st - Egyptian Market - John Yarrow

2nd - Room To Run - Liz Richardson

3rd - Sennen Breakwater - Mark Quilter

H/C - Rock Pattern - David Lidstone

1st - Bonfire Day - Janet Godridge


1st - Bonfire Day - Janet Godridge

2nd - Brush Off - Mark Quilter

3rd - Living Shagreen - John Yarrow

H/C - Goonhilly - Julie Nicholls

H/C - Mary Anning Statue - Layla Bowyer (Junior Member)

Some very helpful critique comments were offered by Pam including the following:

  • Watch for locally dark areas of a portrait as they can lose definition – especially with mono.

  • If you want a Silhouette then make it clear by ensuring the object is sufficiently dark.

  • With people as subjects ensure the face is the brightest part. Also with portraits try different poses and watch for “slouching”! Watch out for cutting off limbs of subjects - attention to detail is needed.

  • Often a different aperture setting will isolate the subject so try options up to f2.8 and see what can blur out.

  • Beware of Matt paper as it makes blacks blacker, can block up !

  • Leave sufficient rom around your subjects.

  • When around water try different shutter speeds.

  • Change settings to increase contrast or adjust later in photo software.

  • Figures walking away look better if faces are seen, look for a narrative.

  • With a single specimen ensure it’s the best there.

  • Ensure separation between subject and vegetation.

  • Use the grid on camera to check the horizon

  • Try a longer lens to isolate subject

  • Subject sometimes gets lost so get closer

  • Remember that Mono is particularly about Shape, Texture and composition

  • Check mono conversions to ensure no unwanted colour is visible. Printing is sometimes at fault.

  • Don’t forget you can use filters such as polarizers in mono and also change the aspect ratio in PCC “Off-Camera” category.

  • If you have a tall building as your main subject ensure it’s Vertical!

  • Look up, down, sideways and behind as you never know where a better shot might be.

  • Don’t forget that perspective is a VITAL part of photography.

  • Sometimes images in colour would be too vivid, too much, hence better in Mono.

  • Subject going through the horizon often works well.

  • Remember to clean your lens and watch out for sensor dust – especially in plain areas.

Pam was heartily thanked by Chair Wendy and in conclusion Pam said that even if members go away with ONE thing to focus on and build up your knowledge and confidence

Pam was heartily thanked by Chair Wendy

PCC Social News – Karen Burton

I have booked The Trelowarren Pub in Budock Water on March 17th 2024 for Sunday Roast 12.30pm. Prices range from around £13-16 depending on what size roast you would like.Please let me know if you are interested in joining us. I need to know numbers as soon as we can please.

PCC Diary Dates:

  • Thursday 15th February KF3 Hand-In – Practical out-of-camera mono still life - Bring your cameras

  • Thursday 22nd Feb - Show and Tell - Members to talk about 3-5 of their images they love and why they took the shot

Other Musings:

Photography quotations – Karl Lagerfeld

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • CPA Inter-Club Competition and Exhibition @ The Keay Theatre, (Cornwall College) St Austell. May 2024 – Date TBC

Hand-in 3rd April to allow for selection and submission to CPA. o Rules on the website

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

Saturday 6th Jan 2024 to Saturday 9th March 2024 - Members Exhibition Open for Entries

Detailed information is available here:

Sunday 3rd March 2024 - Knightshayes Trophy and Council Meeting

o West Monkton Village Hall, Monkton Heathfield, Taunton, TA2 8NE (just off M5 junction 25)

o Council Meeting and Knightshayes Trophy (10am for 10.30 am)"Arctica" a Talk by Eddy and Pam Lane on their recent trips to the Arctic and Antarctica at 2pm.

Sunday 5th May 2024 Executive Meeting & Opening of Members Exhibition

Thank you to everyone for your recent kind comments

Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question – Just Ask !

All the best Derek and the Team!


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