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Newsletter NL207 – 14th June 2024

Newsletter Editor: Derek Godridge with more from the TEAM:

PCC News

Well just look at the date, here we are halfway through June and heading up to the SUMMER SOLSTICE and still the thermometer has difficulty getting above 18 degrees!! The PCC Social meet-ups have been proving rather popular and hence the following reports from Karen and Eve which are really informative. Look out for more events soon.

Penryn Camera Club do battle at Pendennis Castle - Thursday May 30th

By Karen Burton

The army of photographers trooped up the hill towards the castle with dark clouds looming over them. The wind had a chill in the air but they persevered to conquer some great captures of the event.

Pendennis Castle

They were met by a group of smart Militia dressed in impressive red coats. They were all very good at keeping in character throughout the day. Lovely to chat with some of the people who had travelled from Derbyshire and were staying at the castle some sleeping in their vehicles!

ladies washing and mending

There were displays of cooking, ladies washing and mending with lots of children and families running around enjoying themselves. The castle was open to go into which is always exciting to go back in time. Children were fascinated with the canons and climbing up the narrow spiral stairs and Yes we made it to the top too!

Made it to the top

There were impressive gun specialists around to tell you about the various weapons. Some visitors held the weapons and even got told off for not listening!

Not mentioning any names Carina!

Carina the warrior

They fired some impressive rounds as a group from their muskets. Later the canon was fired from the castle which went with a big bang! A good day was had by all! Thank you Carina for organizing the troops on this trip!

Image Credits: Kevin Leah and Karen Burton

PCC Visit to Penrose Water Garden – 12th June 2024

By Eve Govier

A plethora of dragonflies and lilies.

That's what a small group of us, including new members Barry and Angela, enjoyed at Penrose Water Garden on Wednesday.

A beautiful setting, good company, good food (for the most part!) and sunshine. A perfect day out for photographing nature in all its glory.

For those of you not there you missed a treat. It's like a secret garden full of surprises around each bend. Hidden carvings of animals, a little Brook, so much flora and fauna and of course the lilies.

Monet would have been jealous!

Here are a few pics of the day


A plethora of dragonflies

Image Credit: Eve Govier and Penrose Staff PCC at Penrose Water Garden

More PCC News

Penryn Camera Club Summertime Series Competition – John Yarrow

I hope you have all been getting inspiration for the Summer Series Competitions. As of today, we have 28 members registered with PhotoEntry, three of whom have yet to log in for the first time. My offer to help anyone having problems is without limit but I hope people don’t leave things to the last minute. The closing date for the first competition is 30th June.

The whole idea is to get everyone familiar with the new PhotoEntry system to be ready for our new Club year starting in September. The three competitions are:

Competition 1 – Set Subject – ‘Food and Drink’ Closing date: 30th June 2024

Competition 2 – Set Subject – ‘Happy Days’ Closing date: 31st July 2024

Competition 3 – Set Subject – ‘Forms in Nature’ Closing date: 31st August 2024

The log in is: has even kindly offered a HOME VISIT to explain the system if you wish so why not contact him at: 01872 521182 or 07832 485717

Ref: The Questionnaire !

Thanks to everyone who completed the questionnaire we have now managed to offer memberships to new members based on your responses.

PCC More Social News – Karen Burton – T: 07724 344420

  • Sunday 23rd June - PCC PRESENTATION LUNCH at 12.45 for a 1pm start

o There will be a lovely raffle so some donations would be very welcome!

o FALMOUTH GOLF CLUB again after much deliberation.

o Don't forget cancellations any less than a week; unfortunately, you will NOT get a refund.

Summer Outings – Karen Burton

Anyone is welcome to put a shout-out on the WhatsApp group last minute if you want to go somewhere and maybe others might want to join you. I have included some info only dates as it would be difficult to organise anything as a big group.

Let me know which trips you would like to join if possible. Email me if you can as it gets confusing on the group to keep track.

  • Advise Sat 15th/16th June o Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival - Info Only

  • Saturday 22nd June

o Wildlife Walk with Nick (Teacher in training of Photography) Details to follow but probably in the Hayle area.

  • Falmouth Golf Club Anyone fancy going to the Lizard for the day? o 12.15- Meet up -1.00 Lunch

  • June 23rd Presentation Meal o Falmouth Golf Club 1-15 for a 2pm meal

  • July 6 Saturday o Tanglewood Gardens £6.00 Penzance Meet 11.30am Take a picnic

  • July 10th Penryn Uni

o Workshop with Dave £300 Penryn Uni Workshop with Dave 10 people x £30 Names please asap to me or Carina

  • July Monday 15tho Stithians Show o Falmouth Street Photography-Beer Wolf Info Only

  • July 29th Monday o St Mawes Castle- Boat trip/or you can drive over

  • August 3/4th Sat /Sunday

o Melinsky Mill (Veryan)

  • August 6,7,8 o Pendennis Castle- Jousting Info Only

  • September

  • Tues 3rd, 4th, Thursday 5th

  • September 15th Sunday Roast Trelowarren

PCC Diary Date Latest REMINDER:

  • Wednesday 10th July – Penryn Campus Institute of Photography – 9.45 for a 10am start


On the 10th of July 2024, Dave Mann from the Penryn Campus Institute of Photography has arranged an amazing studio workshop for us. Those who attended the short session last year can attest to his brilliance as a teacher (and entertainer), even leaving Wendy wanting more. This will be a paid, more in-depth, and interactive workshop that Dave is giving from his personal time.

It’s a three-hour session, split in two. Arrive from 09:45 for a 10:00 start. There will be a break finish at 13:30. The first half is a demonstration of lighting techniques in one studio and the second part includes two studios to experiment, both with our cameras and a selection belonging to the university. Also included are continuous lighting demonstrations as well as flash and how long shutter speed and movement can be used with flash.

The cost is £300, which, split between a maximum of ten attendees, is £30 per head.

There are only a few places left so if you are interested contact Carina NOW

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

  • Saturday 9th November 2024 - Nature and Wildlife Competition

o Burrell Theatre, Trennick Lane, Truro TR1 1TH

o Hand-In TBA

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF)

  • Saturday 5th October 2024 10.30am - WCPF Annual General Meeting Afternoon Talk by Paul Mitchell on the 6th PAGB Master of Print Exhibition

o Clyst St Mary Village Hall, Exeter EX5 1AA

o AGM Reports and Details here

o Two club delegates are invited but all are welcome

FOOTNOTE: For those of you following this, the weird red tone on the posted photos seems to be cured by deleting the colour profile altogether before “inserting” it??

All very strange??

And another thing for all those nerds out there like me .... Even though I set the Language as UK English, MS Word still seems to flag the correct spelling of colour as being incorrect ... Oh well you can’t win them all I suppose.

Note: There is no such thing as a stupid question!

But there is such a thing as a stupid answer!!

E.g. “You should know that”

All the best from Derek, Paul, Karen, John, Eve and the Team!


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