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Newsletter Week 11

Greetings Pop-pickers.

If you were thinking that last weeks newsletter had a theme, then you ain't seen nothing yet.

While I was enjoying the sunny afternoon, trying to think of what I might write in this newsletter, I realised from where I was sitting I could see for miles and the air was clearer than in previous days. Some of you might think it is difficult putting one together, but you would be wrong as I get by with a little help from my friends.

In this weeks exciting and eagerly awaited publication, you will find bits and pieces to suit everyone, and I'm sure you will be glad all over when you get to the end.

I know that some of you have been enjoying the weather and getting outside and doing useful tasks, whether its painting boats or bits for your shop should have one or like me clearing more organics in the garden. I have filled several bin loads of greenery which have been taken to the local repository for recycling. I can say that the shed is slowly emerging from the camouflage and I am slowly venturing one step beyond where I finished last week. I can also say that it is quite pleasant actually sitting on one of the concrete tank traps (resisting the temptation to put comfortably numb in here), and comtemplating what needs to be done next. The end wall of the garage does need painting. Luckily I have a pot of masonary paint which is the correct colour (Cornish Cream for those who are interested). The bottom of the should I supposed be painted black, but I not sure that I can be bothered. However this job is getting more urgent  as I need to put some trellis up to support the rapidly growing honeysuckle. I have also located the remains of the Barbeque too, but for the present it is covered mostly in Ivy.

Continuing our theme of before and after editing - Derek has kindly sent in a couple of images which I have inserted below. 

Landscape before editing

Landscape after editing

There are no prizes for location, and no cowboys either !

Following on from last week, the answers to the quiz are

1 -  laugh, 2 - Constipation,  3 - TALK (how many got that one lol).

We need a competition so that all club members can be involved - the show must go on. 

Behind the scenes, there has been much correspondence between some of the wise heads of the club. So to encourage a little less conversation and more action, we are going to run a lockdown lucky dip - Que Fanfare. This competition could be run every week if people would like it. But we will see how this week goes first. There will be one subject this week and its  - "LOCKDOWN" . You will either take a photo or in Blue Peter fashion use one that you had prepared earlier. The rules are simple - 1 Image per member, NO manipulation, but straightening and cropping are allowed as per off camera images. Images will be sent via email to the chairman, You will need to put your name (please put your actual name and not Your Name as happened when I was teaching at the university). and title on the image. This is required as the chairman needs to record the entries and whose image is whos. Otherwise it will be who are you ! So that everyone gets to see the images and most important work out which image they are going to vote for.  Votes will be sent to Chairman who is going to compile the results. 

So Images will be compiled into a PDF document which will be emailed to one and all. The images will be numbered sequentially. So all you have to do is view the images and record the number of the image that you think is best. POLITE request no voting for your own image !

Images need to be sent to me by TUESDAY 7.30pm so I can put the images into the PDF document and sent it out. I would like all voting back by 7.30pm Thursday so that the results can go in the newsletter. The Winner will get a bottle of Red, Red Wine or even White wine thanks to Derek. 

So thinking caps on.

In the meantime here are a few images from Mandy and Paul.

Red derelict car

Derelict gate

Bluebell trail

Rear guard

So to close tonight here's an image of mine ..

Winslow Arizona

So like the title of the song .. Take it easy ..

Until next week.

Your Chairman,

Dr Keith Russ

PS I am still waiting on a couple of people regarding email addresses being distributed, so I will hold off or a day or so.



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