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Newsletter Week 17

Dear All,

I hope,this newsletter finds you well. 

As things slowly return to normal, I can say that I've been to the dentists ! I know its everyone's favourite haunt and you can't wait to visit ! In true photographer fashion, I tried to keep my mouth at f22 but was instructed to keep it at f1.8 or the dentist couldn't stick the various metal pointy things in it and reach all those hard to get places. Nothing else to report here except I'm back in 3 months.

Many congratulations to our joint winners of the Lockdown competition this week who are Raymond and Jan. Dont forget to hand in your images to Victor for next weeks comp which is STILL LIFE.

Derek sent me the following in case any of you wish to expand your knowledge.

File was PDF and I could not copy it, however the site is here;

Maru also sent in some material with regard to one of her favourite Mexican photographers, with the suggestion that perhaps members could send in a SHORT item about one their favourite photographers and we could entitle it PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE WEEK. I think this is a good idea.



Cristina Mittermeier was born in Mexico City, in 1966. She is a Mexican-American photographer with a degree in marine biology from the “Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey”, (ITESM), Mexico. Prior to becoming a professional photographer, she conducted fieldwork in the Gulf of California and the Yucatan Peninsula in subjects including marine mammals, fisheries, aquaculture, biodiversity research and conservation, resulting in publications in scientific journals. Later she studied photography at the Corcoran College for the Arts in Washington, D.C. She loves to photograph the Kayapo, a tribe from central Amazon, their lives and their struggles, and she is passionate about the conservation of biodiversity. She is self-employed and one of the National Geographic photographers. If I have caught your attention, then you should follow the next links, which shows a detailed biography and some of her work: National Geographic Personal webpage


So if you get the time please check out the links above.

It looks very much like I will be handing over the compling of the newsletter to one of the committee for the next few issues as I have some work commitments which involve a degree of travelling. As I cannot guarantee that I will get the time or the internet connection depending to send out the newsletter. I feel that it is better for someone closer to home to compile and distribute rather than promise to do so myself only to find that I cannot. I think Wendy would call this delegation of duties rather than dereliction !

So I wish you all well and look forward to compiling the newsletter complete with some interesting photos of where and what I've been upto.

All the best

Your Chairman

Dr Keith Russ



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