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Newsletter Week 21

Hello Everyone,

I joined Penryn Camera Club in September 2019, after visiting the Photographic Exhibition held in Penryn Town Hall during the summer of the same year. I loved the eclectic mix of images - and as an obsessive collector of capturing what I see around me I decided to come along and see if it was for me. I am a bit of a fraud as a technical photographer I am definitely not! For me it is all to do with composition and what I see through the viewfinder or on the screen. I am also a great fan of a big zoom - so my current camera, and previous one, have been bridge cameras with exactly that. I was born in Penryn, and apart from an eight year stint in Falmouth during the 1970/80s have lived here all my life. I attended infant and junior schools in Penryn, then Falmouth High School for Girls before Comprehensive schooling took place in 1971. My working life comprised of 13 years working for HM Customs and Excise in various Cornish ports, followed by 12 years working for Devon and Cornwall Police. A serious health problem caused me to have to take medical retirement in 1997. If I have not travelled far in living terms - exploring the rest of the world has been a complete contrast, having visited around 100 countries. I am as passionate about exploring the globe as I am of taking digital images of it. I relish adventure, challenge, and pioneering trips. I can’t list all the highlights - there are too many - but up there with the greats are: backpacking across uninhabited Lapland above the Artic Circle, trekking to Everest Base Camp, exploring Galapagos, and a hair raising trip to Madagascar. Travel excites me so much. The recent lockdown I treated as a challenge rather than an inconvenience. From day one I documented my life in five pictures and some kind of text per day. This originally went into Facebook and I continued for 80 days. Unbeknown to me, a friend saved the pictures and text each day and sent it off to be turned into a book. Indeed, it is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received - a deeply personal account of an unprecedented time. I will leave you with a few images from my 80 days in lockdown.

Looking forward to when we can all meet again. Jeanette

Apple blossom
Cornish coastal path



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