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Newsletter Week 25

Hi everyone,

Just me again I’m afraid! NB Always looking for guest authors PLEASE !

Firstly, just to let you know we have had some good response to our upcoming committee nominations and hopefully we will have a final list of candidates for the posts in time for Sunday’s AGM. Thanks to everyone who responded as it is obviously VITAL for the future of the club that we have a fully functioning committee.

Now on a more personal note ..........

Thank you NHS

For most of us, the whole issue of the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic has been highly worrying and disruptive to our normal lives. Undoubtedly the worst time was when we were in “lockdown” and could only get out for an hour a day and I have to say I had major problems coming to terms with it. I can only imagine what it must have been like for Mums and Dads living in a city flat maybe 5 floors up with 3 or 4 children !! They are the people I felt really sorry for.

For us, living on the St Gluvias side of Penryn, I guess we were pretty lucky in having many different footpaths and country lanes nearby in which we could take our daily exercise walking Pippa (Pip). It really made us appreciate the wonderful Cornish countryside even more than normal as we slowly charted the changing season and the arrival of Spring. The big bonus of course was the glorious weather and the lack of MUD !

Long and winding path
Swan attack

In terms of work, many of you know that I photograph property for a couple of local Estate Agents and needless to say that work came to a grinding halt during lockdown. Now I must admit to greatly enjoying the work as it often presents unique challenges as well as getting me out of the house (and giving Jan a break!). However, being unable to use my photography skills I found very difficult, but the worst thing was not being able to see and converse with people. Of course once the lockdown came off and house selling resumed the market went beserk as the flood-gates opened. It’s still pretty busy and last week I actually photographed 5 properties in one day which i hadn’t done for quite a while. The real challenge was a super house in Florence Terrace which had a quite narrow back garden for which a night shot was requested hence pointing the camera UP would give converging verticals. Also as you “togs” will know, low light = slow shutter speed = tripod/monopod hence I ended up on top of the shed at 10pm at night balancing with my monopod to get the 1/60th sec shot in the “Blue hour”. Result ... property sold in two weeks and I got a bonus bottle of Scotch !!

Blue hour property

Another big challenge was concern for my 92 year old Mum and step-dad Vic who live near Devizes in Wiltshire. It was a bit of a nightmare to try and get them booked in for a “slot” with nearby supermarkets but I managed to get a standard pack of ready meals delivered. When I asked if the meals were OK, my mum said “Oh the chicken was OK after I washed off the tomato sauce it was covered in, Vic ate his but the dog didn’t like it ! The spaghetti was a bit funny (It was macaroni and cheese) and the potato on the Shepherd’s Pie was a bit lumpy. But it was beautifully packed!!!” Well you can’t please all the people all the time can you!!

Luckily the neighbour stepped in and took mum shopping once a week and when I could finally visit Mum and Vic on 4th July I gave him and his wife a Cornish hamper of Cornish favourites, beer and wine.

Hippy mum

All the best for now – stay well




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