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Newsletter Week 29

Well folks, and fellow photographers guess what; you have me this week for the newsletter.

Some of you already know a bit of my history in the world of photography, so for those of you that haven’t this is a small list of my joy of photography.

My dad bought me a box Brownie when I was around 8 years old. I think it was to stop me playing with his pride and joy Voigtlander and GUGO 120 cameras. Over the next few years, I got much better cameras (all second hand). Once I started work I bought my very first brand new out of the box Olympus ME with a power winder and a 200mm lens. I was into my motorsports hence the power winder. In 1973 I was asked if I would photograph a wedding. By the way, I was only 17. My very first paid job, and all shot in Black & White as requested by the bride & groom.

I went on to own many cameras over the years, having around 12-15 cameras, and yes Derek, even a Nikon or two. Then as part of a community funded project, I was approached by Belfast City Council, to run a community photographic project in East Belfast. This project was an early attempt at healing the wounds of the Northern Ireland troubles, bringing the two sides of the community together with a common goal to try and capture their community’s day to day living.

In the early 80’s I joined the BBC Northern Ireland and spent the next nine and a half years, firstly as an assistant graphic artist, then rising to computer graphic artist, before leaving 1994 due to medical issues.

As many of our members have seen over the years, I do produce many glamour images; I hope tasteful glamour’s images. This comes from my take on one of my favourite photographers, the one and only Lewis Morley. One of his most famous set of images are of that infamous chair and Miss Keeler.

The strangest thing about my glamour imagery is that all of the models approached me at some point and asked me to photograph them. When I asked each of them why me, their reply was usually, I seen the photos you took of that girl or Beth or Lauren etc. etc.

This is the set of images by Lewis Morley that got me started in Fine Art Photography.

set of images by Lewis Morley

To continue with my take on the chair theme that got me started in Black & White fine art photography. This is Tasha, A first time shoot for Tasha, who is a stunningly beautiful young woman inside and out.

Tasha crouching
Tasha wistful

My take on fine art is to present the subject as glamorous, sexy but most of all extremely tastefully produced in a fashion that the model or their family and friends would hang on their wall.

This is Bethany helping with my chair theme studio shoot. I’ve known Beth and her family since she was 8 years old.

Bethany sitting

And yes there’s a chair on the left.

This is Sarah, This was also her first ever shoot to celebrate her milestone in loosing over 4 stone with Weight Watchers.


To round up my feeble attempt at the weekly newsletter, I thought I’d show you the very first image that I showed as a member of Penryn Camera Club, about 12 years ago. I use the term image, rather that photo, because I built the image from two photographs and some artwork I did to create the final image. The sky, Tree and stars are my drawings; the moon and Owl are my photos. Look hard for the Owl.

Look hard for the Owl

This is Holly, and one of the first images I showed when the camera club moved to The Space.


Over my time in photography in the late 1980’s I gained a LAPR from the RPS. I’ve also been exceptionally lucky to have had over 3500 images published either in local and national press, glossies or television and several social media platforms. My advice to you is, keep taking photos and enjoy your photography. I hope this week’s newsletter wasn’t too boring of a read.

Stay safe everyone, your committee are working extremely hard on your behalf behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly.

Victor Tullin PCC Chairman

PS. Please keep the lockdown images coming, they are amazing.



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