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Newsletter Week 3

Hi Folks,

Its that time of the week again. 

The most important question must be how is everyone doing ? Hopefully you are all just as fit and well from walking round the exercise yard, or as I have noticed that some have gone on a little bit of day release. The important thing is you are all still well. 

If you haven't ventured outside, not to worry, its still sunny. I've not been outside in 10 days. But there is much you can do with a camera inside like reading the manual, which is better and more fun than cleaning the windows or the inside of the cooker. It is difficult at times like this to perhaps find time (one wonders what you are doing instead !) or perhaps the enthusiasm for ones photography. One one of the facebook groups I belong to, there has been a competition running this week with FORKS being the subject matter. The results are still being posted and there have been some excellent inspiring examples of what can be done with very little.

Your Chairman is still with you, which is more than can be said for the end of last week, when life was a little interesting. I can say with some certainty that if I've been suffering with the virus that shall not be named, you do not want to catch it. There was a period of time, I do not know how long, when I began to think that things could take a downward spiral and I did dread going to bed as there was a chance, I might not have woken once asleep. I had the case of the serious shakes, and I mean serious. Its at times like this you will be glad not to live on your own as I do. As an engineer, I know what my maximum heart rate should be and I recon it was in the red for a couple of hours. Enough of this doom, all is well and on the mend, although I will get tested when possible as it the words of the gent lying on the floor in the film Dirty Harry with Clint Eastwood looking down smiling upon - I gots to know ! 

Don't all rush at once to view the lovely images that were the winners in the Image of the year competition as they are now on the website. The gallery starts with Mr Godridge's excellent mono image "Meeting Place", but there are other gems too if you would care to take a look.

Our Battle Secretary has come up with a good idea for those who are on social media, I know this does not include all club members, but if you are not, then look away now. The theme is set around a guess who on our Facebook page. Victor said that he start by posting an item, and club members can guess what the item represents. I have seen the first image and I had no idea a) what it was or b) where you might get one, perhaps its something to do with being male ! I hope that even if its a few of us, it will provide some fun and it will entail persons using their cameras ...

My supply of useful learning material has continued to supply me with more gems which I will pass on to you. After all this material, reading the manual, doing stuff with your camera indoors etc, we should have a grand collection of images for next season, says he in a hopeful voice. I can only hope that this thought is not a triumph for hope over experience. So have a read of the useful material below - there will be a test on it next week !

A news item that has reached me, of some importance, is the news that there is another serious virus spreading throughout members of camera clubs throughout the uk. It is thought to have originated in the far east and is spreading worldwide. It has been noticed that several of our club members have already contracted this virus. The good news is that some have immunity from this virus.The symptoms are a belief that the equipment they purchase is the best in the world, and serious fits of coughing or laughter if the word NIKON is mentioned in the same sentence as quality photography equipment. So let this be a warning don't catch the CANONOWNER VIRUS, 

On a serious note, stay safe, stay fit and well and there will be another newsletter next week.

All the best

Your Chairman

Dr Keith Russ

PS any material for the newsletter is more than welcome.


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