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Newsletter Week 40

PCC News of the Week:

Just to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and congratulations to Geoff James for winning this week’s Lockdown competition.

Now a little treat for you as we hear from one of our longest standing members !

Guest Author – Ann Glinn

Ann Glinn

I have been a member of Penryn Camera Club since the 1980`s. I was working as a midwife when I joined, and I was soon given the nickname Nurse Gladys (referring to the character in Open all Hours). When Carol Coward resigned as secretary,I was persuaded to take over. She had been in post for 20 years, making her a hard act to follow - not an easy task.

At a later date again I was persuaded to be Chairperson. I was then nicknamed Miss Whiplash, because I tended to be strict about punctuality and other things! The members have always enjoyed a good rapport with one another, and had fun.

Many of you are aware that I like to go abroad for my holidays. I travel with a company which limits guest numbers to 20 and specialises in medical tours. I leave home alone but at the airport I usually meet up with people I have met on previous occasions.

I have so many sights and experiences to look back on: underground hospitals in Vietnam, health centres, schools, factories, potteries, and indigenous people, uncivilized folk who have no education, no sanitation and therefore tend to live by rivers. Some people have to bathe in rivers, washing their food and clothes in the same water and yet as they do not know alternatives they seem happy. I can remember on one trip there was a black woman in our group and the residents were clearly frightened of her so we had to move on.

Camel Ride

Even the travel itself has been enlightening: Indian trains, Japanese bullet trains , steam engines breaking down during our journey, jeeps on safari, helicopter flights over mountains, Angkor Watt and other sights. Other means of travel have included elephants, camels, tuk-tuks , canoes and rickshaws. Once we nearly capsized in a boat that was very overloaded.

I have also been privileged to get close to lots of animals, including pandas, possums, seals, iguanas, blue-footed boobies, tortoises, water buffalo, moose and monkeys.

Elephant ride
Blue-footed Boobie

In these dark evenings of winter, I am able to look back at so many photographs which transport me to times and places and bring back all their memories.

Best wishes and a Happy Christmas Ann



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