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Newsletter week 7

Hi All,

Some of you no doubt have been thinking, that as there was no newsletter last night (Thursday) as per normal, that the Chairman had somehow forgotten. I would like to state that this is simply not the case. It could be said that as lockdown continues, one day does seem like another, and the concept of weekends and weekdays might seem a bit abstract. Then there are certain respected members of the club for which this is just the norm.

One of the reasons behind the not sending out the newsletter last night, was that the Chairman had been working again, and thought it best to compose the newsletter after a good nights sleep. It was felt that by doing this, you would get another high quality report, rather than something that was just cobbled together and looks as if it was a bit rushed.

Today should have seen me and my travelling companion, board a train from Penzance to travel to London, with a view to boarding a plane for the USA first thing tomorrow morning. Alas, this of course is not the case and said trip is hopefully going to take place later in the year, lockdowns, etc. permitting. This is a real shame, as there would have been plenty of opportunities as per the last trips for the taking of interesting photographs, (record shots or not) and even those special get of off the bus for 30seconds photographs that we all like taking! Still, not to worry.

Again the camera has not been out of the bag or out of the house. Upon seeing the Buzzard at the mine at about 30ft from me I thought should have brought the camera like I said I was going to in last week's newsletter, but the threat and reality of rain meant that I didn't put said camera in the car just in case. That is not to say that I have not been occupied. Work in the garden has continued as some will have read from my facebook page along with the moaning about the dog owners who have taken upon themselves to clear up after their dog in the public open space next to my garden and then dispose carefully of the small black plastic bag contain product of dog, by dropping it over my garden wall ! I did take what I thought was a nice photograph of one of the fuchias. It should have looked like this one .

[Image not currently available]

But for some reason, mine doesn't lol - flower is not in focus but the background is lol - It was taken with my phone and I didn't check - so schoolboy error there lol.

Keiths garden

This is the state of the garden at present, which is a little different to this one when I started.

Clearning Keiths garden

Still Rome wasn't built in a day !

For those in the club who have seen the mine models that I've been building for the past 30 years (where did that time go). It is difficult to believe that next month sees 30 years since I finished my first degree at Camborne School of Mines.  Below I have included a couple of images of what I have been working on. 

gold mines of the Comstock in Virginia City, Nevada

The above mines belong to the gold mines of the Comstock in Virginia City, Nevada which I visited back in 2017.

Calumet and Hecla mine

And this one is the famous Calumet and Hecla mine in 1915 was the deepest mine in the world at just over 5000ft (vertical) from surface - Calumet (Red Jacket) , Michigan. Calumet is twinned with Camborne for those who didn't know. So whilst it is photography in the sense the images were taken with a real camera, these were taken with a virtual one inside the software I use to create them.  Many thanks to Mandy for the following webcam links of Peregrin Falcons, Ospreys and Barn Owls.

/ And Thanks again to my secret supplier of information for the newsletter for more material this week. I have included the section below - just as a reminder for all as thanks to Victor and his photoshop nights we all know this.

And as many of us own dogs, you could try the following...

Finally, if you run out of space and need new cards try this offer but be quick ..

Till next week, stay safe, take care 

All the best

Your Chairman

Dr Keith Russ



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