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Newsletter Week 8

Dear All,

I hope you are all well, and enjoying the Bank Holiday! 

Today is the 8th of May, which has significance to many. Today we remember the end of the last major conflict which affected Europe 75 years ago. Judging by the amount of coverage in the papers, tv and social media, along with the photographs taken then, it is an important milestone. for many Although we cannot change history, inspite of some who would do that, we must remember and learn. If one does not learn from the mistakes of history one is doomed to repeat them. Our club is a good example, we have a members from several countries which is really great thing and their experiences and photography can only benefit us all.  However we must also realise that in those 75 years we have all come along way. My Grandfather whose house was lost during the Blitz on London in 1940 wouldn't have anything that was German or Japanese for very personal reasons. Yet two generations later, I have a Japanese camera and tv, a German car and listen to my favourite German musicians. I am sure he would be proud as my generation do not have that direct connection like his did. If Veterans from both sides can stand together and talk and remember and be friends, then there is hope for us all. Like much of history we only know, because people were there, some with cameras who recorded the events so that we, who follow might learn and remember. As we know a photograph is just a snapshot in time. Just think about all the images that we have sitting in archives of things that we have done during our lives and the people and places that we have visited etc. Its scary at times to think that all that connects us to our past is some small pieces of photographic paper or film with coloured images on them. My mother has a huge family collection of images which go back to when her family were in India in the late 1800's. These are now not just a important record of our family but are an important record of life at the time. There must be millions of images which have recorded life in the UK and elsewhere in the 75 years since the of the war in europe. I wonder what many who fought and didn't live to see the world they have left would make of it. Perhaps we forget at times, that photography isn't about seeing whose is the better image in the views of one of our judges, but its a permanent record of a moment in time, which may be of great importance at some stage in the future. 

On more local note today is Flora Day in Helston and I would have been out at 6.30am this morning with the crowds and my friends celebrating the town's special day. Some of my friends may have been dancing and I am sure that today has special memories for one of our club members, whose collection of photographs some of which taken when Wendy took part. They maybe not the best quality like many of the flora images, but they are record of the day and it is amazing when you view them, who you might know and what might have changed building wise too. Just look at this image below !

This image was taken about 1921

According to Wendy, this image was taken about 1921 and the young man with the * next to him is Wendy's father !

Although Wendy has sent me quite a few images I thought I would share this one as it shows two club members who many of the more established members would recognise. Although I never had the privilege of meeting Brian, if he is anything like Raymond, he would have been a real special gentleman. As they say Wendy, some fine Maid you are !

Wendy and Brian

After I wrote the newsletter last week, I received two pieces of not so good news which have given me time to reflect. Two people I knew well have been taken from us, one was potentially going to be my mother-in-law ! and another was someone who had organised mining visits all over the uk - there seemed to be no one he didn't know that worked for a mine that is. Still it is the circle of life. The shame is I don't have many photos of either of them !

Two members as I said in the second email that I sent round thought it would be a good idea for club members to send me images for inclusion in this weeks newsletter. A BIG THANK YOU to all who did. 

The first image is from Jeanette,


Thanks to Mandy for this one

Blue Tit

and this one - possibly coming to a competition near you at some stage ?

Blue Tit on a bush

From Maru a lovely spring image

Spring image

I think - there are possibilities with this for more creative images - what does the panel of experts think ?


I have included a few from our next member as we haven't seen him for a while, but hopefully all will be well when we all next get together. Some good images here Martin.




I was going to include another tutorial section, but I think there is enough here to keep you amused for a while. So until next week,  If you are thinking of going out "Lets be careful out there" . All the best, Your Chairman Dr Keith Russ


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