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NL127 – 26th Aug 2022

Editor - Derek Godridge and contributions from Dee and Paul NB If you want to help set up our Exhibition please attend Penryn Town Hall Friday at 7pm.

PCC News -

What’s up with our website? – Paul Cooper

Well, what happened was .... Our web host (TSOhost) emailed Derek and said, “Your website address needs renewing”. Great Derek replied; how much and how to pay. “You are not the owner, we will not talk to you”, snarled the reply - despite the fact they contacted Derek initially! So we tried Paul, and Keith, and Stuart, and Mike through THE most customer-hostile interface ever developed. Minimum of one hour per contact (often more), literally dozens of calls, emails, autobot discussions, DAYS of time lost, weeks pass, <rum drunk!> ...

“OK, you have not paid; we are suspending your account” (website becomes unreachable). “We ARE TRYING TO PAY.” “Only the owner can do that”, “Who is the owner?” “ We are not telling you!” “is it Paul?" “No”, "Is it Derek?” “No”, “Is it ...” you get the drift. “How do we resolve this?” TSOhost; “Wait until the website becomes available to purchase (90 days time) and buy it as a new owner.” “That’s insane, we clearly own this site!!”, “Tough”.


90 days plod by; Derek attempts to register as a new owner only to be beaten by a code script (a non-human, non-sleeping robot!) programmed to buy expired sites (at about £10) the moment (the very minute!!) they become available. Us; “Please, can we have our website back?” “Yes, sure. $220 please”. “That is unreasonable; we are a community- based group; the name has no value outside this group”. “OK, pay $220, and we will transfer it back”.

We are currently discussing this piracy with the Ombudsman - with more grindingly slow progress.

Could we use a different address and get our website up and running again? Yes, and Derek has bought a couple of addresses to ensure they will be available, BUT every individual image we have posted over the last years points to our old name and now simply links to the pirate’s “dodgy deals websites”, e.g. Same for Instagram, Twitter, Google, Bing etc. Moving from is a last resort. We have almost reached that unwanted option, and will do that if the Ombudsman route fails.

<Sigh; More rum drunk> Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Now for Field Trip News! Hayle Bird Watching Trip, 20th August – by Dee Cope

Image Credits: Karen Burton

We got off to a very convivial start by enjoying a delicious brunch at “Birdies”, a restaurant overlooking the Hayle estuary. The day was warm and sunny, and the views over the water were beautiful.

Birdies Bistro

We sat on the terrace watching the tide slowly wend its way inland. By high tide around noon we were ensconced in the RSPB hide overlooking the island-laced waterways of the estuary where the birds are known to congregate.

Penryn Camera Club in the bird hide

Well, they didn’t much congregate this day, but we were able to photograph some curlews and Canada geese.

Three Curlews

Karen was impressed by the long lenses a fellow bird watcher was using in the hide, and as their chitchat progressed, it is possible we may have a new recruit to the camera club.

Mud glorious mud

The next stop was a visit to the Kehelland Trust in Camborne, which is adjacent to the National Dahlia Collection. We made a few purchases of local produce, jams, honey and tote bags from the Trust, and then ambled out to view the dahlias.

the National Dahlia Collection.

What a beautiful array of flowers greeted us! Dahlias of every shape, size and colour were on display - yellow, white, cerise, pale pink, crimson, bi-colour, striped, and so on, with petals that were pompom shaped, or with longer, more open petals, in the centre of which were plump, fuzzy bumble bees gathering nectar - as many as two or three bees to a flower.

Dahlias of every shape, size and colour

The foliage of these dahlias varied from bright green, to dark green to almost a purple, and the contrast between the flowers and their leaves was quite stunning in many instances

Dee PCC – Upcoming Events

  • Saturday 27th August - Penryn Town Fair-Exhibition Member’s prints are ready for display, so please support our club at the Town Hall THIS SATURDAY. If you can come please WEAR YOUR PCC BADGE and do some “Meet and Greet” with our visitors, we might even recruit some new members!

  • Saturday 17th December at 5.30pm – Xmas Meal – Falmouth Golf Club See Menu sent out by Karen - £28 for 2 courses, £32 for 3 courses, 10% deposit needed. PCC

  • Check your PCC 2022-23 Programme and get ready for the new season’s competitions!

  • New Season starts Thursday 1st September 7.30pm with a “Welcome back” social evening.

  • Thursday 15th September @ 7.30pm President’s Cup and Ken Maynard hand-in.

  • As above we are continuing our efforts to get our Website back online and have submitted a complaint to the Nominet ombudsman.

Cornwall Photographic Alliance (CPA)

The AGM has been held and minutes are awaited TBA Wildlife & Nature Competition Hand-in - Saturday 17th September Competition results - Saturday 19th November 2022 – St John’s Hall, St Austell More details at

Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) 11th March 2023 - Knightshayes Trophy 2023 subject is “Decisive Moment”

All the best Derek, Paul, Dee and Karen


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