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Sunday 7th August 2022

The Penryn Camera Club held our fourth and last freedom competition of the summer break. This time we had to pick three images 1st, 2nd, and 3rd AND provide a critique as to why we scored that way. The judge critiqued all the images, and we were able to compare our view to his view. Not all aligned, but the judge is always right (even when they are wrong!!).

The cream tea at Purdy’s on Sunday, was, as usual, a resounding success. We took over the whole place for a couple of hours and seeing old, and new friends for a chinwag (and a cream tea) was lovely.

With two steam engine shows and Falmouth week in full swing, we are not short of things to photograph, but the next formal meet is down at the Hayle estuary 20th to try and take spectacular images of waders running from the incoming tide.

If you'd like to join us, you would be welcome. You can contact us by email at until we fix our website. We're still working on restoring our domain name (coming soon, they still promise), Meanwhile, our Facebook page is active;

Purdy's Cream Tea gang
Purdy's Cream Tea gang

Freedom #4 competition winners
Freedom #4 competition winners

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