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28th March 2019 Guest Night

This week the club was very pleased to welcome Barbara and Malcolm Jenkins from Camborne and Redruth Camera Club. They were there to give a talk on “”EFIAP and beyond” – a a daunting yet exciting title! Sounds like something from the Pixar film Toy Story doesn’t it?! In fact FIAP is organised to support club photography and they have seven levels of awards that photographers can achieve. Barbara and Malcolm explained how to achieve the EFIAP and th various stages that photographers must go to obtain those awards. To support their talk they showed and discussed the merits of a wide variety of images that they had submitted in various salons, both in the UK and abroad. Members were fascinated and Malcolm kept them entertained with his humerous comments throughout the evening. Club chairman, Ron Pitcher, thanked them on behalf of the club for a very entertaining and excellent evening. Club evenings are very varied and we are looking at opportunities to show our images and have them judged by others so that we can grow in our expertise. This week will be a more light hearted evening as Amanda Hanson our competitions secretary leads a photographic quiz night!



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