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Roses are ..... Red

Carol Coward

Testing out my new Macro lens I took this shot of a rose in my garden.  Being a macro the depth of field is quite shallow, which I like, but there were a few distractions.

Clearly is was a bit tight in the frame and my arm, holding the stem in the right position, is an unwanted bright splash.  There were a couple of damaged petals, a few white spots on the rose and a few distracting background sticks.

Photoshop to the rescue.  The content-aware crop tool allowed the image to be expanded (using content from the image which is allowed).

The two nicks and the spots were cloned out, as were the annoying background sticks.  I liked the almost rim lighting on the centre petals so left those alone.  Finally the right side of the image was used to content-aware fill my bright arm.

Everything was then brightened a tad - far too easy to move that slider too far!

Rules on what are, and are not allowed are still settling down but current understanding is; If it comes from the picture (or another picture I have taken) it is allowed, if it is generated from the web it is not.  Further reading available here;

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