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We Transfer is the easiest way to transfer pictures, or a folder of pictures between anyone.

The Committee use it for competitions, I use it for the newspapers and you can use it for (say) sending Paul Kingswood Salver images.

Start by putting all the images you want to send into a folder.  Check the title are as you want.  Sub-folders are OK. Then type into your browser.

I have an account (it is free, and it remembers email addresses you use) but YOU DO NOT NEED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT to use WeTransfer.

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The form will be slightly different in different browsers, but will follow this format.

Hit the Plus sign and navigate down to the folder you want to send.  Select it and click Upload.

Next enter the To: email address, to send to Paul.

Next enter the From: email address (that's you).  WeTransfer will email you when the recipient downloads the images

If you select a folder the Title will populate with that name, you can leave it or edit it.

If you want to add any notes there is a space for that, often it is left blank and then .....

Hit the Transfer button.  Magic happens, files are uploaded and sent (you get a progress bar) and you leave the site when it says "Transfer completed"

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