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Safe links for Penryn Camera Club members to use

Send your link to Paul to add to this resource.

Cornwall Photographic Alllance

Upcoming events, Competitions, Charles Hoskins etc.

Facebook - General public

Anybody can see what's published on this Facebook channel

Facebook - Members only

Ummmmm .... Facebook for the inner circle - we know who you are!

On-line competition entry

In common with many other camera clubs, Penryn Camera Club is considering adopting the PhotoEntry System for future competitions. PhotoEntry is a subscription based web application specifically designed for managing photography competitions. We hope it will help eliminate many of the common problems associated with submitting entries – incorrect sizing, incorrect colour space, incorrect naming, confirmation of receipt, missing emails etc.

Raw image converter

Online image editor and converter and sizer. I think it allows 5 free conversion a month but it is very cheap to buy a license. PDF, DNG, CR2, NEF, RAW, JPG, PNG and many others to 1600 or 1200 JPG.


The Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) upcoming events, Competitions Kingswood Salver etc.

Astro photography guide (1h30m)

Warning; 90 minute video. THE ORION NEBULA - with a CHEAP & TINY telescope, Step by Step, START TO FINISH

Clear Outside (Cloud cover)

Defaults to Marazion. 7-day hourly cloud & weather forecasts.

How To (DSLR level)

A brief guide how to take star-scapes using a DSLR camera.

In the sky

Night sky guide, Weather forecast (inc Cloud cover), Object search and more. Centered on Falmouth, but can be changed.

Sky Maps

RECOMMENDED; Download a map of the sky for the month and hemisphere you are in. 2 page PDF file, optimised for printing.

What's in the sky tonight?

Events calendar, finding targets, constellations, comets, finding planets and a host of other things. Centred on Penryn but can be anywhere. 1st time here? Click the 1 minute tour.


GIMP is similar to Photoshop but is free. Also has big learning curve. Recommend using one or the other as the commands are very slightly different. Download here;

Online PNG and JPEG compression

Compress your PNG/JPG files by up to 80% and retain full transparency

Photoshop Elements

This is a sub-set of Photoshop for a one time payment of £87. It will slowly get out of date BUT will not cost a monthly fee.

Photoshop Online

I (Paul) use the Photography plan at about £10/month. This auto-updates to the latest features.

CJ's Budock Water

Carvery style meal. Delivered quantity on par with on site portions, but with a built in doggy bag! Delivered spot on the time requested.

Choy Hung House (Chinese)

Always hot, always filled trays. Quote 90 minute delivery but often faster. Excellent Chinese.

Salt & Vinegar

Great Fish and Chips. Particularly recommend their chicken pieces. Always hot on arrival.

Tide Times

Defaults to Falmouth. Sometimes the tide will be really important to you - especially for Astrophotography where you need a fairly full tide going out as you cannot see it :-)


Looking for a walk in Cornwall (or a quiet walk without too many people)? Try I Walk Cornwall. You can get a lot of information from the website or download the app and each walk (with turn-by-turn directions, and points of interest) costs a couple of quid.


Centred around Cornwall, zoom out as necessary. Click a plane to see image, last and next port and routes. Get a free account to track a specific flight.


Defaults to Falmouth, but you can select anywhere in the UK

Satellite Tracker

Prepare to have your mind blown. Defaults to Starlink satellites but you can select GPS satellites (zoom out, a fair way) to view them as well. Click-drag your mouse to drag the viewpoint.


Centred around Falmouth, zoom out as necessary. Click a ship to see image, last and next port and routes.

40 categories of Photography tips

All of the above photo tips and guides will explain in comprehensive detail the subject under discussion. Additional guides can be found on this website by using the search facility at the top of this (and all) screens. We are constantly adding new tips and guides

Photography Tips

Landscape & wildlife photography for beginners Everything you will need for landscape & wildlife photography. Tips on how to take great photos.

Wind direction and strength

Defaults to UK, can be worldwide

Wind/Wave visualisation

Weather prediction and meteorological data visualisation, including webcams

Various web cameras

Some links are broken, but everything is free. Click the center arrow to start the stream.

Cornwall Council Map

A surprising amount of data on your local area. Search by postcode then click "layers", then click the plus sign(s) and tick any boxes of interest. Click "Basemap" to toggle satellite on/off.

Fix your car

The easiest way to fix your car with videos from car repair experts. With over 60,000 free how-to videos produced since 2010, you can confidently prepare for the repair

Flooding map

Defaults to UK but you can zoom in or click warning triangles for more data

National Grid power cuts

Defaults to UK wide but enter your postcode for a more local report.

Radio Garden

Radio Garden invites you to tune into thousands of live radio stations across the globe.

To-do list

Use default or create your own to-do list with an oder in and aproximate time for each task.

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